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Travel: The Island of (Self)Love

Sobia Shafique-Akhtar travels to Cyprus, the ‘Island of Love’, famed for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery, to di

Rethinking Orchards

While looking for avenues to create renewable sources of rewards, Wardah Abbas was invited to a greener and easier way of reaping

Falsely Captioned Video

Rahma K finds Muslims making some embarrassing anti-dawah actions on social media.

The Slippery Slope

Na’ima B. Robert ruminates on the effects of a small slip-up.

Find the Artist in You

Timea Csanyi explains why creativity is healthy for everyone and how to go about finding yours.

Mirror Mirror on the Facebook wall…

Nahida Esmail takes an in-depth look at narcissistic personality disorder and society's obsession with themselves.