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SPONSORED POST: Marital Intimacy – The rise and fall!

Sister Tahmina at In2mate Nights discusses the importance of intimacy in marriage.

To those who have completed half their deen – Alhamdulillah. I pray you have a beautiful blessed married life. And to those who are yet to find their life partner – InshaAllah you find a righteous spouse who makes you happy. AMEEN.



But unfortunately, we are amongst the years where divorce rates are increasing amongst British Muslims. There are many reasons for why marriage fails – there are external factors such as dealing with family issues, financial issues and other compromises that are not made. But underlying all these issues is one main thing that is always lost – that marital in2macy.



Many scholars have explained that the biggest problem with marriage failures is the undeniable fact that husbands and wives are not having intimate relations together. Now of course there is much more to this than just bedroom relations, but as I have spent more and more time talking to friends and family members in these difficult situations I can see that reason being so vital!



Marital intimacy does not just refer to the bedroom matters – In fact the Prophet PBUH said that just saying Salaam to your spouse with genuine love is like making a dua for her/him. If we think back to the time of the Prophet PBUH and his relationship with his wife Khadija RA, amongst all the trials and hardships they faced together, their intimate relationship of spending quality time together, their friendship and support was always strong.



Today we live in a world where there is so much fitna around us, unfortunately our husbands are out all day and surrounded by media images of half naked women. That visual stimulus leads to shaytaan’s whispers and ideas; now when he returns home he is pleased to see his wife Alhamdulillah and that is forgotten!



However, much stress is now happening where partners are too focused on the ‘stresses’ of life, on the technology in life, so instead of the beautiful greeting of Salaam being shared, it is the opposite. This leads to anger and avoidance; resulting in no intimacy at all in the bedroom. Allah created you in pairs and you have every right over each other – not giving that intimate love and need can only lead to more frustration.




Now think back to that visual stimulus mentioned before – those whispers in his head as he sees those images. What can it lead to? May Allah protect us all from these evil thoughts and protect our marriage.




After hearing so many issues in marriage these days and noticing so much is based around sexual relations – In2mate Nights began!





A lingerie website with no images containing nudity, giving your husband a chance to choose something for you! A website where you do not need to look at half naked women yourself and buy your lingerie with confidence.






A website offering an E-Book with over 10 pages of Halal In2macy Advice and practical tips – daily blogs to support you to keep that marital intimacy alive!




Now imagine having that confidence to shop for your lingerie like this, imagine having all the guidance to make it right, imagine your husband coming home, welcoming him with salaam and a smile and leading to that unforgettable night. Would that help any stresses and difficulties fade away?






In2mate Nights believes in making you feel confident and secure in buying and wearing a range of lingerie and accessories to make your married life full of love. In2mate Nights believes that all the fitnah outside home can be forgotten when you are the true TREASURE in his eyes.




We remind you that these precious intimate moments with our luxury lingerie needs to be a frequent thing, not just for holidays. Remember how often men see these forbidden images in their daily life, make that image that stays on his mind YOU!






Finally In2mate Nights believes we can support you with choosing lingerie in the halal way as well as give you Islamic practical advice suited for today’s modern world to help all married couples- newlyweds and the golden ones!



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We pray you all have a beautiful, blessed married life. Ameen.