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2012-12-03 11:42:16

Crescent Tours

 A world leader in Halal Holidays

Enver Cebi of Crescent Tours discusses the rising success of Halal Holidays

Q:  Celebrating two years in business, congratulations, how has it been?

A: It has been an amazing journey with tremendous results. Crescent Tours’ vision began with an aim to offer high quality halal holidays. Now with a strong management team all with senior management experience from travel and blue-chip companies and a fabulous portfolio of destinations, Crescent Tours has an extensive network of operations in Turkey. We have developed several holiday products for thousands of satisfied customers and now have an established reputation as the leading independent Halal Tourism specialist. For us as Muslims ourselves it is great to be in this business providing luxury holiday experiences to Muslim families.

Q:  How do you ensure the high quality of your holidays?

A: We have a very focused approach. We carefully select and market holidays which offer exceptional service to our valued customers at great prices. We regularly visit and inspect all our holiday locations. We only offer holidays, which are 100% Sharia-compliant. Crescent Tours is a unique brand, offering truly unique holiday experiences with an Islamic ethos.

Q: What do your customers say and who are they?

A: Satisfaction levels are very high. We listen to the feedback from our customers and we aim to endeavour our customer’s needs.  Most of our first-time customers have returned to Crescent Tours to book their next holiday with us too. Once Muslim holiday makers try our halal holiday and experience quality at great value, they never normally go back to a conventional holiday again.  The majority of our customers are European-based Muslims, mainly from the UK and France, but now we are becoming increasingly popular with customers from North America, North Africa and Middle East too.

Q: Which are your most popular holiday types?

A: We have 3 popular types of halal holidays: Sun & Beach Resorts, Luxury Private Villas on the Mediterranean and Heritage Tours in Istanbul. All these can be booked online via our new easy online booking system at 

With two Luxury 5-star Sun & Beach Halal Resorts, Bera and Adin, our resort packages are All Inclusive, so food and drinks throughout the day, beaches, swimming pools and evening entertainment are all included in one price, making our packages great value for money.

Our services and onsite facilities are in full compliance with Islamic norms, so no alcohol is permitted and there are segregated swimming pools, beach areas, leisure and spa facilities for men and women. The entertainment for kids and adults is in accordance with Islamic norms too. There are prayer rooms, adhans and Friday prayer on site. The Bera and Adin resorts have excellent indoor and outdoor facilities and are open all year around.


            “We offer 100% Sharia-compliant holidays”                                                           “Once Muslims try a halal holiday

                                                                                    they never go on a conventional holiday again”


Q: What is special about your villas?

A: Our villas are specifically designed for Muslim families. Besides luxury, our villas have large swimming pools and sunbathing areas with guaranteed 100% privacy from an outside eye. Muslim families can relax and enjoy the sun and great sea views. Some of our villas can sleep up to 10 people, offering great value for money for larger families.

Q: What about heritage tours?

A: Turkey has an amazing history and is a land of 20 various civilisations. We offer a number of Heritage Tours. The most popular package is the Ottoman Heritage Tour in Istanbul with a day trip to Bursa, which offers great cultural enrichment to Muslim families. Guests stay in halal hotels at the heart of Istanbul with amazing views of Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace of Sultans.

We also offer packages which allow our travellers to combine a Heritage Tour with either a villa or beach resort stay.  This combination holiday has proven to be quite popular too.

Q: What are Crescent Tours’ plans for the future?

A: We are developing new exciting holiday products which will be launched in the new year. We aim to be the global brand for luxury halal holidays with new destinations offering new and exciting experiences and with our new easy online booking system, we hope you will enjoy a Crescent Tours Halal holiday soon.


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