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4 Ways to Create a Romantic Setting in Your Home

Nadia Ali opens the doors to romance with her decor ideas for the summer.

Summer is here! It’s time to throw open the doors and windows of your home to a little summer loving! Make the most of the long, hot days and the sultry evenings by adding a little summer romance into your home and rekindle the emotional connection with your hubby.



Flirtatious Florals
Nothing says summer like a stunning fresh flower arrangement. Make use of the abundant flowers that are available by mixing colours, shapes and
fragrances for a cheerful look. Think along the lines of pink or white carnations, yellow sunflowers and vibrant orange tulips abundant and lush freesias
with blooms cascading over the edge of the vase or container. Alternatively, go for the glamour of red roses or the simple beauty of orchids in a
statement vase.



Seductive Sheers
It’s time to take down those dark, thick winter drapes that trap heat and put up some airy, lightweight curtains to make the most of the longer days. Try out different pastel shades like baby pink, mint green or sky blue or go with neutrals like cream and camel. Keep window treatments simple to accentuate the view outside or dress them up with gathered fabric, swags and tie-backs. Sheers are wonderful for summer no matter what style you choose as they add a whimsical romantic feel to any room.



Candescent Candles  
Candles are popular as a form of aromatherapy and you can choose from different shapes, colours or scents. During the day, cinnamon-scented
candles can evoke the lovely smell of home baking. At the end of a warm evening try lighting aromatic candles with the sensual scents of ylang ylang,
lavender, rose, sandalwood and vanilla to add a romantic ambience.



Plush Pillows
The vibrant accessories of plush pillows or colourful cushions look great in a room already filled with the flood of sunshine and the fragrance of flowers. You can even sew vibrant coloured cushion covers especially for the season that will add style and a creative touch to any room.