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6 Ways to Reduce Stress in Everyday Life

Fatima shares a few easy ways to manage stress, with these simple but effective tips.

As human beings, we all experience stress in our everyday lives. Stress of school, work, raising kids, juggling a million and one things in a day, can cause an immense amount of stress on our bodies and minds. I’ve always been over-stressed many times, but as I’ve grown older I have begun to realise more and more that there are ways to cope with and potentially reduce the stresses in our lives.




Here are some ways I like to work on and manage my stress:
1. Walk away

I love to take breaks at work every hour or so, even if it’s for just a few minutes. Walking to the coffee machine or using the bathroom are my usual escapes. I find that it really helps to clear your head and gives you a few minutes to just think of something else.




2. Just breathe

So simple, but something I am not always mindful of when I feel the stress overwhelming me. Stopping for a few minutes to focus simply on your breathing can calm your brain and thoughts for a few moments and let you refocus your attention to what’s at hand.




3. Wake up earlier

I’ve always preferred to wake up early and get to work early, so I can leave early and get home with enough time to still have a few hours to myself to do other things. Being Muslim also aids in this, as waking up for fajr allows for waking up early and starting your day on the right foot. I find that it helps me start my day better by prayer, rather than running late and stressing out even before my day begins.




4. Take your lunch break

It’s so sad and terrible to see so many people in the working world, who do not take proper lunch breaks or eat at their desks staring at their computer screen. I always try to take my lunch break because it’s SO necessary! It’s the best time for your mind to relax and think about other things, rather than all the stresses of life. Of course, some days it can be hard to take a full hour or half hour break, but studies do show the positive effects of taking a lunch break at work. It’s necessary to take a mental break and it will let you recharge for the afternoon.




5. Stretch

Again, highly recommended for your health too. Just going to the bathroom, a walk outside during lunch, or even a few steps to get your body moving, helps your posture and body. It helps alleviate muscles and can help you refocus your energy to what’s important!




6. Say No

We all need a break at some point! Don’t overwork yourself to the point that you burn out. It’s important to realise what you can handle and how much, at a time. If you’re in school, have exams to study for, or are involved in tons of extracurricular and community events, sometimes it’s best to step back and realise what is a priority and what you may need to say no to for the time being. It is okay to say no and push back at times, because your mental health is the most important thing. There is no need to add stress by taking on more than you can handle!




These are just a few starting points to get your life de-stressed. Try incorporating a variety of these things and see how they help change your daily life for the better!




A fashion enthusiast, book lover, healthy lifestyle advocate, and positive thinker,  Fatima is a 20-something year old living in the USA. She runs the blog  ‘Sprinkle of Surprise’ where she documents moments of her life: sprinkleofsurprise.wordpress.com

Instagram: @sprinkleofsurprise




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