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A Bit Of Fur DIY Didn’t Hurt Anyone

Sainab Sharif take inspiration from a chic boutique store, and shares a tutorial for faux fur stools.

On my one of my walks up to Notting Hill, I came across a wonderful shop called Graham and Green. Their store was beautiful, the way colour was used was stunning and I found it very inspirational. It’s not the only inspiration I found though – whilst browsing through the shop I had noticed that their chairs and stools had little fur seat cushions and I absolutely fell in love. I thought it was a must for my home. As I usually do, I went on the hunt for that perfect little fur piece. I went to the place I know best for reasonable priced fabrics, Goldhawk Road. It didn’t take me long to choose the fur I wanted. It was £30 a metre and as the fabric was so wide, I only needed half a metre. Score! Only £15 for the fabric. (Just to let you all know, it is faux fur I am using.)




As you might have realized by now, I used the faux fur to make my own stool seat cushions. It was very easy and quick. You don’t need a lot of materials, so you might even make you want to give it a try yourself! Here’s how I did it:
What You’ll Need:
  • Fur
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pins (if you don’t have pins, keep reading I’ll show you how to do it without)
  • A pencil
  • A ruler



Step 1. Place your stool upside down onto your paper and trace it with a pencil. If your paper isn’t big enough, like mine, stick three sheets together with sticky tape to make it bigger.



Step 2. Add two centimeters to your circle shape. The reason I have done this is so it slightly hangs off the edge of the stool. Cut the paper down to your desired size.



Step 3. Turn your fabric to the wrong side and place your paper pattern on top.


Step 4. Now pin the pattern down onto your fabric. If you don’t have any pins handy, like me, trace around your pattern with a pencil.


Step 5. Now for the cutting part. Before you start cutting, there is a certain technique when it comes to cutting fur. This is probably the trickiest part but don’t worry, we’ll get through it. Take your scissors and literally ONLY cut the fabric and not the fur. You will have to manoeuvre your scissors into the fur, but only cut the fabric on top. If you do end up cutting the fur, it will look a little bit like the picture below, a pretty bad haircut!


Step 6. Phew! We got through that part! After cutting the fabric it will shed a lot so clean up any excess mess and voila, here it is. One beautiful fur stool cushion.


With the amount of fabric I had, I ended up making three of them and an extra large one for my Eames dining chair. A little bit of fabric really did go a long way. Cheap and super easy to make. I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own!



Sainab Sharif, mother and wife, is a lifestyle blogger that lives in London. She blogs mostly about interior, fashion, DIY’s and baby. With her sister, she co-founded Barakah – a fashion line where they hand-make Abayas for personal clients.  http://stepinsidemyhandbag.blogspot.co.uk/