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Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem

Welcome to SISTERS

the magazine for all fabulous Muslim women

Who Are We?

SISTERS was founded in 2007 by Na’ima B. Robert, author of From My Sisters’ Lips and many other
award-winning books for children and young adults. An international publication printed in the UK,
SISTERS is produced exclusively by Muslim women from around the globe with contributors from London
to Melbourne, San Francisco to Karachi.

What Do We Do?

Each month SISTERS comes straight to you in a beautifully designed printed or digital copy with
uplifting, inspiring, and enlightening reflections, tips and stories from some of the best writers,
journalists, halal foodies, environmentalists, life coaches, Islamic clothing designers, and artists
in today’s ummah. SISTERS helps you to be the best Muslimah you can be – from the inside out.

Who reads SISTERS?

Firmly rooted in an Islamic ethos, SISTERS is enjoyed by Muslim women on many diverging paths of
life: student sisters, professional sisters, homemaking sisters, entrepreneurial sisters, single
sisters, and mature sisters. Brothers also enjoy our publication, as it gives them broad insight
into to the issues and concerns of the Muslim women in their lives.