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Allah’s Out Of Town Signs

By Elizabeth Lymer

Away, I feel that Allah is near,
My body, my soul, my mind and my heart
All focus on good He can see and hear,
There’s space, it’s time – I can make a fresh start.
I can rise from, “I should” up to “I must”
Be generous, helpful, caring and kind,
With kith and kin can strengthen ties and trust,
Remembering Allah made us intertwined.
Like leaves and branches and woodlands connect
Flowering, decaying, diseased or cut down;
A small destruction causes large effect –
I see Allah’s signs more when far from town.
I pray Allah strengthens me, helps me know
My smallest of actions can heal and grow.



Elizabeth Lymer is a country girl who has lived in a number of UK cities and needs to be able to see hills and trees to feel connected to Allah’s signs; her collections of nursery rhymes are available at http://rhymerlymer.wordpress.com.