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Always A Guest And Never The Bride

A poem by Aminata Salla

Summer is here


It’s that time of year,


Invitation being received,


It is yet another wedding affair,


Leaving me in despair


For what would I wear?


Who would be there?


My closet seems like a nightmare


Outfit ideas? Hijab ideas? For this will be a gala affair


Perhaps a vanity fair?


I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere


Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram or just anywhere.


Regardless, excitement fills the air


I plan my entrance and have made this a career.


Always find a way to prepare,


To be a guest and never the bride.


Running away from Aunties whose questions I fear.


Are you driving them away? No Aunty, my own is near.


But this is getting severe.


What happened to him? I reply with Qadar’ullah.


You should marry the next one that comes my dear.


Yes Aunty Insha Allah


For I know that ultimate decision rests with Allah.





Aminata Salla is a Gambian-born Muslim and a legal advisor living in the UK. She discovered the beauty of Islam in her adult years and hopes to share her experience to inspire other Muslims. She blogs at www.minasmemoir.com.




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