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Best Islamic Activity Books for Children

Klaudia Khan shares her family’s tried and true favourite Muslim activity books.

It’s winter time here in the UK and the days are at their shortest. It’s often either raining or too cold to go play outside most of the days. Kids are getting bored at home and begin to look at media and other outlets for entertainment. It’s time to act, to get them out of the gloom and maybe doing something fun and beneficial at the same time. To provide some educational entertainment for my daughters this winter, I sought out these Islamic themed activity books and want to share my reviews of some of them with you:



Quran Story Mazes: The Man of the Fish and Other Story by Saniyasnain Khan, published by Goodword



We enjoyed quite a few books by Saniyasnain Khan telling the stories from the Quran. This activity book also the story of Prophet Yunus (SAW). Each page is a maze, which is fun at the beginning, but then it would be nice if there was more variety of activities. Also, some mazes are just hard to work out for younger children, because the route is to be found through partially drawn clouds for example. Still colouring is fun for them and they are reminded of the story of the prophet. There are plenty of more stories in the series of Quran Story Mazes, but I feel this one book would be enough for us.





Makkah and Madinah Activity Book and Mosques of the World Activity Book by Aysenur Gunes, published by Kube Publishing






These activity books, also part of a series, are packed with a variety of things to do including: dot-to-dot drawings, colouring, puzzles, mazes and stickers. The pictures are cute and easily attract children’s attention and the facts given alongside each activity are also interesting. Because of the variety, kids don’t get bored and my daughters enjoyed the books from the beginning to the end,  finishing them really quickly, too.  I would definitely consider buying other titles in the series. Highly recommended.




The Muslim Kids’ Festive Alternative Fun Pack 2015 published by Learning Roots




This free printout activity book comes by email exclusively to the newsletter subscribers. It is the second one my family has tried from Learning Roots, the first one being the Hajj related one, and both are fun, with lots of information and variety of activities. In this activity book we learn about Prophet Isa (PBUH) and his mother Maryam (RA), from the bonus pages we also find out why Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas and why Christians started worshipping Prophet Isa (PBUH). Some of the information may be too advanced for the little ones, but they are bound to find something of interest here, such as colouring pages.




Discover Magazines published by SISTERS




There is a stack of Discover on my bookshelf (*caveat: I have been writing for the SISTERS children’s magazine) and my eldest daughter has just recently started showing interest in them. She started with easy activities, like Find the Differences, but I can see she’s getting hooked on them, masha Allah. With lots to offer: stories, fun facts, science, history, recipes, arts and crafts, I’m sure Discover magazines will be read over and over again by each of my daughters as they grow up to them insha Allah.*


Klaudia Khan is a Muslim writer living  with her husband and three daughters in the UK.



* Although SISTERS have now ceased publishing Discover Magazine, we are hoping to bring the content to our site in future inshaAllah.