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Bookshelf: Craft it Up This Ramadhan and ‘Eid

Handmade projects – we love them! Learning along the way is a bonus! This book by Zayneb Abdullatif is about inspiring children’s imaginations while having fun seeking Islamic knowledge. Photography by Sidqie Djunaedi

Framed Activity Calendar
Upcycle any old frame into a Ramadhan activity calendar.

Now the whole family can work together and help complete an activity a day. Have fun counting down this joyous month!


Things you need:
• Wooden frame (48 x 58 cm)

• 10 eye hooks

• 30 tiny pegs

• Sheets of double sided paper

• Twine

• Embellishments

• Markers

• Measuring tape

• Scissors




1. Measure the inside edges of the frame and then divide and mark into 5 equal sections.

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2. Fasten the eye screws on each marked section.




3. Attach twine from one end to the other.





4. Start with a 10 x 10 cm piece of double sided patterned paper & fold in half diagonally.





5. Take one of the corners and fold it over to the other side.




6. Do exactly the same to the other side.





7. Fold one of the upper corners down to secure the two folded corners.




8. Now begin to write Ramadhan activities on small notes and insert into the pouches. If you’re stuck for activities, check out 30 Things
to Do This Ramadhan with Your Family! for a list of ideas.






Tip: Use a pushpin to make a small hole on the marked sections before inserting eye screws.


Craft it Up This Ramadhan and ‘Eid is available on Amazon.