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Caring for Winter Skin

Shadiyah Marshall shares her top tips for caring for your skin through the winter months.

The colder months of the year are the harshest on our skin which often becomes pale, dry and dull. In this article, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to crack the cold weather skin care codes with a brief winter skin product guide suited to your budget. Insha Allah, you will be on your way to great winter skin.


• Continue to cleanse, tone and moisturise as you would any other time of the year.




• Change your moisturiser; your summer cream should be different to your winter cream. Ideally, use something with Vitamin C and more hydration. Remember that a thicker cream does not mean more hydration, so don’t go and buy Vaseline petroleum jelly for the winter!




• Continue to wear SPF (sun protection factor) in the colder months; it’s an year-round endeavour. It doesn’t have to be high, though: you’re looking at SPF 10 – 15.




• Don’t use harsh exfoliants. It may seem like they are refreshing your skin but actually they are damaging your protective barrier. Instead, use enzyme-based exfoliants which are more gentle or opt for less gritty ones.




• Take some oral supplements: Omegas, multivitamins and vitamin C.




• Eat healthily. In the winter months we tend to slack with our diet as being cold and indoors most of the time makes us wants to eat more. So train yourself to have a healthier diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Soups are great for winter months and you can go crazy with the vegetables.




Winter Product Guide
Here is a brief on the most winterlicious skin care available.

Cheap: Palmers coco butter (400ml) £3
Cheap and cheerful does the job of hydrating and locking in moisture.



Average: Body Shop’s Vitamin C daily Moisturiser SPF30 (50ml) £11
Decent moisturiser for the winter, has vitamin C and added sun protection.



Expensive: Enivron Super Moisturiser (50ml) £25-£30
A great moisturiser from a well-respected brand owned and designed by doctor. Has key ingredient to hydrate dry skin with no fragrances or toxic ingredients. Sell SPF separate so that it doesn’t weaken the moisturising properties of the cream. Can only be bought from a salon/stockist.






Cheap: St Ives GENTLE Apricot Facial Scrub (150ml) £3
This is the less harsh St Ives scrub that is not as aggressive on delicate winter skin.

Average: Body Shop Aloe Gentle Exfoliator (50ml) £8
Has a key natural ingredient (aloe) that is not harsh on the skin.

Expensive: Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (50ml) from £25
This is a higher end product with natural enzymes that do the gentlest exfoliation. No gritty bits; product aids natural skin exfoliation.





Vitamin C Supplement:
Cheap: Tescos Fizzy C Vitamin C 500mg £5
This is a reasonable Vit C, just drop it in your drink.

Average: Natures Aid Chewable Vit C Vegan Tablets 500mg £7-8
A vegan Vitamin C tablet at a good price and sugar free. Does the job.



Expensive: Solgar Vegan Ester C Plus Vitamin C 500gm frm £12
This Vitamin C supplement has extra antioxidants: natural bioflavonoids and acerola berry along with rose hip fruit powder.


Insha Allah, this will prepare you to put your skin barriers up for the winter!






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Shadiyah Marshall is a Psychology graduate and owner of www.sistersbeautique.com