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Crafting Corner: Living Walls

Aneega Umeyma shows us how she brings walls to life with her beautiful wall decor business.

Why wall decors?
When I was pregnant with our daughter I got very excited about the idea of making her room as vibrant, colourful and welcoming as possible. But here in the small Maldivian island city not much choice is available. So the idea of making wall decor from scratch was born. However, the hard work that would be required barely crossed my mind when I began my journey. My husband and I made our first wall decor for our lovely daughter. I stenciled a pattern of flowers and butterflies on the wall near my daughter’s cot. I made the stencil with vinyl and used acrylic paint. My family and friends loved it and suggested that we start doing wall decors for others.


What qualities are required in a person involved in making wall decor?
People involved in wall craft work need to have a lot of patience, a love for art and an optimistic outlook. And of course you would want time to be on your side.


Where do you take inspiration from?
Our daughter is our biggest inspiration. Because of her, we see things from a new angle. When we are searching for ideas for projects, we tend to get a lot of inspiration from things on websites such as pinterest.com. I also follow a lot of craft blogs and interior design websites.


Is it a self-learned craft or did you train for it?
Self-learned. I was born a crafter, mashaAllah. My mother was a very talented tailor and passed on her creative flair to her daughters. Although I am not as good as my sisters at sewing, Allah I blessed me with a talent for craft work. I always make my own gifts and cards to give to my friends and family. My mother used to tease me on how much time I could spend on such work without being bored.


How much time do you spend on your craft?
3 to 4 hours a day.





What’s the best compliment you have received for your work?
The best compliment is their happy faces and the appreciation we receive for our work.


Do you work for profit or pleasure?
‘Ainie’s Wall Decor’ was started as a business venture based on me and my husband’s passion for craft work. So you can say it’s for both profit and pleasure.


Is it possible for a novice to take up wall craft decor?
Yes, if they have the interest and time, anything is possible. I always encourage others to follow their passion. Stenciling on canvas is a good start for beginners. They can start off by practicing on paper before moving to canvas.


Please provide a brief guide for a newbie to start your craft.
• Stencilling and painting on canvas is a good. X-ray film, frames, canvas, acrylic paint, a cutter and painting brushes can be used for a start. All materials can be bought from local craft supplies stores or online from ebay.com. Make sure to have everything planned and all materials ready before starting.

• Gather ideas. They could be your own or adapted from books and websites. For ideas and inspiration, check out:
– www.craftzine.com
– www.younghouselove.com
– www.pinterest.com
• Make a plan on how to develop the idea.

• Buy necessary materials from a craft supplies store

• Give it a try and work on it till you get the best result.



Aneega Umeyma is a stay-at-home mother living with her husband and daughter on a small island called Malé, the capital of the Maldives. Ainie Binth Nawaz, her daughter, was her biggest inspiration to start “Ainie’s Wall Decor”. www.ainies.com