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Don’t Toss Your Pre-Hijab Wardrobe!

Sarah at Modanisa offers up six eco-friendly tips to hijabify and beautify every wardrobe.

Love the creativity and fun that comes with dressing up – but hate all the waste and environmental and social damage that comes with fast, cheap fashion? You’re not the only one. We love to use fashion to express ourselves creatively and dress modestly in beautiful ways – but hate that sinking feeling that comes when we’ve just had yet another fast-fash splurge. So what can you do? Get eco-friendly of course, with some fabulously inspiring ideas! Read on for six brilliant tips to dress fashionably, whilst helping to protect the environment.




Short sleeves? No problem

One of the biggest problems for new hijabis is what to do with all those cute short sleeved tops! After all, while they’re super fun to wear – they’re also not very modest. So does that mean you have to ditch the lot of them? Nope. Instead think of them as the perfect layer for your new favourite hijabi outfit. Short sleeved t-shirts and dresses make the ideal statement piece to be complemented by a flowing cardigan, waterfall jacket, or cropped blazer.Add a matching scarf on top, and you’re good to go.




Turn the old season into a new one

Got a lot of fab summer dresses from your pre-hijab days hiding in the back of your wardrobe? Before you pile them all into the charity shop bag, take a closer look. They might just be the start to a gorgeous new outfit. Instead of wearing them as short dresses, just think of them as a tunic top to wear over floaty wide legged trousers, or even a long, flowing skirt. And because your summer clothes will often be much lighter, they are also ideal for layering with – without all the bulk. Why not add a chic turtleneck jumper underneath a spaghetti strap dress and slimline cigarette trousers, for an effortlessly polished look?




Think long

You can never go wrong with long, floor length maxi dresses and skirts. But if it feels like you are always having to buy a new wardrobe each season, it’s time to get creative. Get extra life out of your favourite maxi dresses by layering them up – add a cute geeky sweater on top and a denim jacket on top of a flowing gown to create a more dressed-down look for day, or work a more casual jersey dress with a smart blazer and funky hijab for a bright evening outfit.




Get thrifty

Have a hole in your wardrobe that your creativity just can’t fix? Before you hit the high street for your fashion fix, why not think outside the box and head online or down the local charity shops instead? You’ll not only be giving new life to clothing by recycling old pieces – you might also come across some amazing gems too! Keep an eye out for vintage items such as 70s maxi dresses, cute 60s accessories or grungy 90s sweaters – they’re the perfect addition to liven up your day to day outfits.




Just add accessories

If in doubt, just add accessories. If you’ve got a busy week ahead with college or work, then the last thing you need is to stress over coming up with a chic new outfit every day. And your accessories can come to the rescue.




Work with a simple base layer

A smart pair of black trousers with a tunic top,or a plain maxi dress can be transformed in lots of ways. Then get as creative as you like with your accessories – bold jangling bracelets and a gilet give a touch of bohemian flair, while a striking necklace and bright hijab can add a fresh modern look.




Remember to have fun with your wardrobe – and you’ll be surprised at how creative you can be without buying a single new piece!




What are your favourite pieces to rework into different looks? Share your fashion tips with us in the comments!



Sarah Ghanem is a hijabista and fashion consultant at Modanisa. She is really keen on modern, but modest Islamic wear for women, and she’s always trying out new fashion trends and styles.





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