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Easy Skin Care Tips to Prevent Aging

Stoori Khan suggests some of her most practical skin care tips for all ages.

With the passing days and years, we get concerned about aging and search out a variety of products and treatments to protect our skin from looking older. Due to the continuous use of water, soaps, face and body washes, hand sanitizers, exfoliators, and exposure to different environmental conditions, the skin may tend to age faster than it should . So, the sooner you begin following a healthy lifestyle and caring properly for your skin, the healthier your skin will be.




Here are some skin care tips to protect your skin from quickly aging.


1. Always use mild & moisturizing soaps, face, hand and body washes.




2. Moisturize your skin immediately after washing and after taking a shower.

This will help in locking in  the moisture in your skin and will prevent your skin from drying out and aging. Aloe has best anti-aging and moisturizing properties. You can even make your own rich aloe moisturizer at home.




For this you’ll need 100% pure aloe vera gel (pure aloe vera can be purchased at any health food store or pharmacy), good quality oil (sweet almond and mineral oil work well) and scented oil (optional for added scent) .




Add 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil or mineral oil to the aloe vera gel.

Add a drop or two of scented oil if you want a scented cream. Mix the aloe vera and oil well and apply it all over your face and body.




3. Apply a good quality anti-oxidant in the morning and a gentle retinol cream at night.




4. Exposure to the sun reduces skin thickness, collagen and elasticity so re-apply a good quality sunscreen on your face, neck and hands as much as you can whenever you are outside.





Continuous basic care and preventive measures will surely slow down the aging process, helping your skin to appear smooth and fresh.





Stoori Khan is a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate and an author/poetess. You can find her work at:  fb.com/stoori.thepoetess





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