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Elegant Sandwiches

Lail Hossain shares some simple steps to transform your everyday sandwich into an elegant delight.

What is the most elegant looking sandwich you have ever eaten?  Are you thinking of a six-inch long sub or triangular sandwich? Are you ready to break out of mundane cooking and let your ingenuity show in the next sandwich you make?



After performing our daily tasks, we still need to prepare and serve meals to our family. Why not turn your everyday cooking into an explosion of creativity?  For some, cooking is a chore, but if you think about it, it can be magical to throw together a few basic ingredients and watch in awe the outcome of a recipe.  It’s enchanting to see the raw ingredients mixing with different flavours and spices and turning into delicious dishes.  For most people, cooking is probably as close as they can get to expressing their creative side during day-to-day chores by playing with different elements of a recipe.  Therefore, why not take this opportunity to showcase your artistic talents and successfully celebrate the life Allah (SWT) has given us.



Let your imagination run free on how to serve a simple sandwich, in a tasteful, beautiful, artful way.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started, no matter what your choice of filling is. Serve your next cold sandwich as if it is a layered cake.  There are two ways to create the layered sandwich effect – either with or without surrounding ‘frosting’.



For both, start by discarding the bread crusts and placing a slice of bread on a serving platter.  Spread it with butter and a choice of sandwich filling such as tuna, egg slices or chicken salad.  Spread butter on both sides of a second piece of bread and place on the filling.  Spread a choice of a second filling or the same filling as on bread slice #1.  Spread one more slice of bread with butter and place butter side down on the sandwich filling.  Do not butter the top of the final bread slice.  Gently press down on the sandwich and wrap securely.  Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and slice into three rectangular pieces.




To frost the sandwich, whip cream cheese with mayo or sour cream and frost the sides and top of the layered sandwich using cake decorating tubes as desired. Garnish the cake sandwich with ribboned carrots, cucumbers or cherry tomato roses, radish or smoked salmon flowers.  Chill until served.  Slice and serve.




Craving a hot sandwich? Make your regular panini or grilled cheese sandwich with the bread and filling of your choice.  To serve, cut the sandwich diagonally through the centre and then continue cutting diagonally three more times towards the pointed corner for each triangular piece.  Fan out the pieces from large to small by making an ‘L’ shape with each pair.  Serve with salad and enjoy!



Want to take your next sandwich up a notch?  Assemble the sandwich as an art piece. Discard the crusts and using a rolling pin, flatten two slices of bread and join them with one another.  You may use few drop of water to make the joints.  Fill the sandwich with your favourite filling and garnish as desired.



There are many other ways to dress up a sandwich.  What is your definition of eating an elegant sandwich?  What will your next sandwich look like?











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Photo credit: Lail Hossain




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