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Five Ways To Do Gorgeous Summer Makeup

J Khan shares some of her favourite tips to add summer-fun to your makeup regime.

Summer is definitely the time to relax, take it easy, enjoy the weather. Eid is just around the corner, a special time where we spend quality time with family and friends. We all want to look relaxed and fresh as we enjoy the nice warm days and breezy cool nights. But how do you incorporate summer into your makeup routine? What do you do, when you want to do something quick and easy but look like you took your time to look fabulous? Here are five easy ways you can look fresh, bring pops of colour and a little sunshine into your makeup routine!




1. Flawless Canvas: Want to look like the great weather has made your skin glowing and flawless? Start off with a light sheer foundation, tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream. Whatever suits you best, they are all great options to give you a light amount of coverage so that your face doesn’t look cakey, it’s nice and sheer so your skin can still breathe and you can still see a bit of your skin peeking through! But don’t worry if you’re afraid of having some acne scars or blemishes peeking through just use a full coverage concealer to cover them up.




Tip: Can’t find the perfect tinted moisturiser for you? Mix your favourite full coverage foundation with 1-2 pumps of a moisturiser of your choice and voila! You will have a great tinted moisturiser that is just for you. This is especially great when you have a bottle of your favorite foundation that is almost done and you really want to use every last drop in there; pump a few pumps of your moisturiser in there, give it a shake and then you have a great tinted moisturiser.




2. Flush of Blush: Now that we have a nice flawless canvas we want to add a pop of colour to the cheeks to give you that natural flush. My favorite shades of blush to wear in the summer are peachy and coral colours.




3. Angelic Glow: Get that glowing and fresh look that is so beautiful, especially in the summer. With a highlighter it looks like you’re glowing from within and when the light or sun reflects on the highlight it really gleams and looks gorgeous! There are so many varieties of highlighters out there from liquids to cream to powder products – choose what suits you best!




4. Bold Lip: A bold lip can really jazz up your look from something simple and natural to a look that’s more bold and fun. Bold lip colour can change up a natural look you would wear to work or school to something you could wear to an evening family BBQ, Ramadhan and Eid get-togethers, or a nice dinner out with your husband. Some great bright colours for summer are a bright pink, red, coral, darker mauve, etc.




5. Eye Catching Liner: Sometimes it’s a fun way to look a little more glam in just 30 seconds by adding a bright coloured eyeliner along your lower lash line. My favourite colours to add to my look are a nice turquoise blue, cobalt blue, or a purple. Try it out! It’s a good way to incorporate colour without going overboard or out of your comfort zone! You can even add a colour that will bring out an accent colour in your outfit. For a more natural look try out gold or bronze toned eyeliners.




Although you might not want to incorporate a bright lip, bold eyeliner, glowing highlight and blush all at once, just play around with it to see what you like best. I would pair together a nice coral or peachy blush with bright eyeliner but then go  a little lighter on the lips to balance everything out. Or go with a bright lip and bold eyeliner but keep the cheeks a little neutral. But it is really all up to you, it’s fun to play around with makeup, and try new things to dress up for your husband or even just for yourself! Who knows you might just end up loving the change.




J Khan is a young married student with a passion and love for all things beauty, DIY, makeup, hair, and skincare. She loves to share her recommendations, experiences, tips and tricks with other beautiful women to enlighten them on natural beauty and natural products, makeup techniques and how to wear makeup on trend easily for everyone.