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Give your Bedroom a Sensuous Makeover

Make your bedroom a haven from the stresses of everyday life with these delicious decor ideas.

What with the demands of home and family, work and study, what better place to seek comfort and solace (or just some peace and quiet) than in the room you share with your loved one? With a few simple changes and additions, you too can have a bedroom that is a feast for all five senses and a welcome refuge at the end of a busy day.





A clean, neat, clutter-free space is like a blank canvas just waiting to be made as visually appealing as you like. Decide on the kind of vibe you would like to create and choose your colour scheme accordingly: neutral tones like cream, oatmeal and beige create a calm and soothing atmosphere whereas reds, pinks and purples can create a more luxurious ambience. Go for a co-ordinated look with your bed linen and ring the changes with different colour throws, cushions or curtain tie-backs. These little changes can make all the difference.





Other things to try…

An unusual lampshade, artwork on the walls, flowers or plants, tea lights and candles.





Fabrics such as silk, linen, satin and velvet all add an air of luxury and comfort to your bedroom. You can make or buy cushion covers, bedspreads or throws to complement your bed linen. Try a selection of cushions in contrasting colours or mix and match rougher textures (corded linen, corduroy, raw silk) with smoother ones (velvet, faux fur, satin) for an exciting sensory experience.




Other things to try…

A soft rug for the floor (deep pile is best for comforting tired feet), a soft bathrobe or dressing gown.





If you want to make your bedroom a romantic retreat, scent it accordingly. Use essential oils, incense or scented candles to create the atmosphere you want. Essential oils can be burnt in an oil burner or simply added to a cup of hot water to gently perfume the air around you.




Other things to try…

Spray some of your favourite perfume (or his!) onto your bed linen and onto your curtains, put a scented sachet in your underwear or sleepwear drawer, fill a bowl with potpourri





Your bedroom should be a tranquil, blessed space and there is nothing better than reciting or playing Qur’an to achieve this. Make reciting Qur’an in your bedroom after Fajr or before going to bed a daily habit and enjoy the benefits to your iman and the atmosphere in your room.




Other things to try…

Try to keep outside noise to a minimum – limit the radio and TV so that you have the peace and quiet you crave, have space to talk to your hubby and can get a good night’s sleep. If you are looking for mood-enhancing sounds or need to wind down before bed, play CDs with natural sounds like birdsong, flowing water or waves (Search online for CDs of natural sounds or try Amazon’s wide selection).





Tantalise your taste buds in your private haven by sharing mugs of hot chocolate before bed. If you are watching your figure, try a tasty herb or fruit tea with wholesome honey or a long cool drink on a summer night.




Other things to try…

Keep a small selection of sweet treats stashed out of sight for you and hubby to share when the kids are in bed … naughty but nice!