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Gorgeous from Head to Toe

Trained beauty therapist Humma Sharif talks us through the head to toe beauty regime of a bride-to-be.

Now, it’s no myth that every bride wants to look absolutely fantabulous on the most special day of her life and thereafter and why shouldn’t she? The key to looking amazing on your wedding day is to know that you look amazing – and making adequate preparations! Here’s my fool-proof guide to a gorgeous look on your special day.




Radiant Skin

For every bride, achieving glowing skin should be at the top of her list and should start at least a few months prior to her big day. Whatever your daily routine or schedule, looking after yourself should be a priority. In order to implement a skin care regime that is suited to you, use the list below to identify your skin type.



Normal: This skin type boasts an even, healthy colour over the face and neck, a smooth texture without blemishes. Facial lines are relevant to age.



Dry: This skin type looks dull, flaky and can feel dry. Cheeks are prone to redness. Pores are small with little sebum being produced. Dry skin is more prone to premature aging.



Greasy/Oily: Although the surface of the skin can be shiny from sebum, the colour appears dull. Pore size is larger particularly on forehead, nose and chin. This skin type is less likely to wrinkle but more likely to develop spots.



Combination: Combination of any skin type, mainly dry cheeks and oily ‘T-zone’ panel (forehead, nose, chin).



Sensitive: Skin can be red and sore. Can develop patches of dryness and irritation especially after using products containing fragrance and chemicals.



Mature: Sebum production reduces with age thus drying out the skin. Skin may look and feel delicate and may be wrinkled due to lack of collagen and elastin. Dark patches or ‘age spot’ may develop.



Once you have identified your skin type, you can purchase products that suit your skin. However, if you are unable to conclude what your skin type is, it may be worth going to a Beauty Therapist who will be able to help you with this.



At least every night as part of your bedtime routine, incorporate a mini facial which you can do yourself. Here’s how:

1. Use a milk based cleanser to massage onto your skin using firm pressure. This will open the pores and remove any impurities and dead skin. Wipe off the product with a cotton pad.




2. Use a mild toner to close the pores and to remove any excess cleanser left on the skin.




3. Moisturise using an upward stoking motion. Avoid using moisturiser around the delicate eye area and instead opt for an eye gel (preferable containing Vitamin E especially if you suffer from puffy eyes). Massage the cool gel around the eyes using the tips of the fingers from the inner corners of the eye to the temple, this movement will drain away any fluid.



4. Include exfoliation into your routine once or twice a week. Try these recipes to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells.




I recommend that you go for a full facial at a spa or salon once a fortnight in the run-up to your wedding. Drink approximately 6-8 glasses of per day and don’t forget the recommended 5 portions of fruit per day; it really will have an effect not just on your exterior but internally too. And don’t forget the exercise! You don’t need to join a gym, just simple exercise movements like 25 sit ups a day, jogging for 15mins etc will help.



Tip: Try to walk or cycle as opposed to drive.




Flawless make-up

Every bride’s dream is to look no less than stunning on her big day. But how to wear enough make-up for a flawless finish without it looking ‘caked on’! The ‘caked on’ effect can be a result of rough, uneven skin or a bad make-up artist. Insha allah, by following a consistent facial skin care regime, your skin will be a perfect base for a flawless look.



A good make-up artist will use make-up to highlight and emphasise your best features and to disguise any flaws you may have i.e. dark circles under the eyes. In this way, you end up looking both stunning and natural.



Many people make the mistake of asking a friend or a family member to be their make up artist for the day and whilst this may be good for the budget, it isn’t the best option. An artist with experience will chose the right colours for you with precision to match your outfit and jewellery. So if you want to bedazzle your husband, girlfriends and family on the day, invest in an experienced make-up artist.



Most, if not all artists will offer a make up trial beforehand; if yours doesn’t then ask her to. Show her your wedding attire. I would advise any bride to wear the top part of her outfit so that your make up artist can get a better idea of the style of make up to do and which colours to use. Remember, don’t be afraid to say no or say what you like. If you’re not fully satisfied, keep looking until you find someone you feel comfortable with and who understands what you want.



Luscious Hair

Ask your mum or a friend to vigorously massage oil into your hair (I recommend Dabur Amla hair oil – yes, it has a strong scent but the effects are almost immediate), leave over night and then wash off in the morning. This way, not only do you get a step towards healthy hair, you get a nice relaxing head massage too! Try these natural remedies for lush locks.




If you suffer from dandruff, massage malt vinegar into your hair thoroughly and leave for 15 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo. This process can be repeated until the dandruff has disappeared completely.




For a deep conditioning treatment, mix a few spoons of honey and olive oil and apply to the hair. Massage thoroughly from root to tip. Cover your hair with a towel or cling film and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash out and style as desired.




It is important to remember that whenever you shampoo your hair, you should use a conditioner straight after. Try to avoid 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner if you want those luscious locks. Another tip would be to try to avoid heat on the hair through the use of hair straighteners and blow-dryers in the run up to the wedding. Let your hair dry naturally; this way your hair will soak up natural moisture instead of having it taken away. If you do desperately need to use a hair straightener/ dryer, then ensure that you use heat protecting products. Read these hair straightening tips, to get the best results with your straighteners.





Silky hair-free skin

Before you start removing hair, you need to prepare the area for an effective treatment. Start by exfoliating the area, I recommend Avon Smooth Surface Pomegranate Body Polish, £6 for 200ml. Ditch the razor! Shaving removes hairs only from the surface of the skin, making hair grow back faster and thicker. Waxing, on the other hand, pulls the hair from the root, making hair grow back slower and finer. I’d recommend that you get your hair removal done professionally at least once a month simply because it can get tricky to reach those hard-to-see areas such as the back of the legs and underarms. Also, because you are in control of the wax strip, you may not pull the strip off fast enough to effectively remove the hair. The secret to soft, smooth and healthy skin is maintaining moisture so after exfoliating, moisturise! Read more about the various hair removal options here.




So for all you brides to be out there, if you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day and thereafter in your new life too, don’t delay, start your beauty regimen today!





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