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Harnessing Our Personal Strengths: An Interview With Zai Miztiq

Janet Kozak talks to strengths coach Zai Miztiq about making something practical out of raw sympathy.

Zai Miztiq, also known as Zaiton Majeed, author of the Amazon bestseller 5 Things I Love About Being A Woman, is the type who sees the glass as half full. She’s always believed that in every problem lies the solution. This attitude and outlook has enabled her to overcome dizzying difficulties, including a 2005 automobile accident that nearly paralyzed her. A taxi that she was riding in hit a parked military vehicle. She spent three weeks in the hospital and another six months ignoring naysayers and determinedly relearning to walk. Now, she exudes even more positivity and potential – so much so that her multi-millionaire mentor, Mr. Casey of Diamond Glass Pte. Ltd, chose her, and not the other way around, minutes after they met at a business networking event in 2015.



Zai explains, “I learnt a lot from him. […] He helped me focus on becoming an international speaker and travelling trainer.” His prediction of her greatness came true. Zai was invited to the Rise & Thrive Conference in Morocco in April 2016. She made her way to the UK in early May as well for a book tour and speaking engagements. Zai’s first mentor, a branding coach, helped her unpack her stories, see her true value, and understand how she can be of service to the ummah. That relationship, “helped me understand the difference between confidence of superiority and confidence of humility” she explains. It’s a concept that she touched on in her first book Turn Your Passion to Profits.



In a world where social media influence is high, having a personal brand is important. When even large brands are working hard to stay aligned with their target audience, it becomes even more crucial for smaller public personalities to be in alignment with our personal visions and messages. When Zai first started her branding journey she was a celebrity author, speaker,and coach. After recreating her public persona, however, she’s experienced a year of accelerated growth. She just became an Amazon #1 international best-selling author with 500 copies of her newest book sold in less than one month.



In her individualized ‘strengths’ coaching, Zai takes her training a mile further in helping her clients get over their past experiences to see the light and wisdom of what was. She also helps them channel those understandings into a better now and brighter future. “Many of us are still allowing the energy and spirits of the past to live within us,” she explains, “and that’s why we’re not able to move forward.” She continues, “I used to blame people for anything and everything. But now, I use my external environment as a mirror for reflection.”



Zai also believes in upgrading herself by investing in knowledge and courses. She understands that this helps her serve others more efficiently. She’s taken to heart the Quranic lesson that ‘Believing men are for believing women and corrupted men are for corrupted women.’ [Quran, 24:36] explaining, “When I have the right skill set, knowledge, and attitude, that’s [also] when I attract the right kind of people and energy into my life.”



As part of her Gallup strengths training Zai learned to recognize and embrace her empathy – a skill that she now uses more efficiently. She had the habit of grieving a lot due to her unharnessed empathy, “I would suffer from migraines and gastric pain after being affected by the story or experience of someone else,” she recalled,“I really struggled with it.” Fortunately, Zai realized that it was her raw state that was creating the issues. She was actually feeling sympathy, and not able to figure out how to take action to help the troubled parties.



Now, after undergoing strengths coaching and then becoming a strengths coach herself, she’s able to better regulate her emotions and put a healthy distance between herself and the people she helps. “I trained my ‘emotions muscle’ to learn to be practical and logical when I encounter someone with a problem. I switch it to the mode of ‘How can I purposefully take action to help people resolve their problem using my [innate] positivity?’”



Harnessing her strengths is also how she started her Sisterhood Mentorship Program. Now she helps other women identify their uniqueness, gain confidence, get clarity, and be happy. “My mission,” she beams, “is to help people step out of the circle of fear, and step up into the space of love and confidence.” Zai Miztiq knows that if it was possible for her to become the best version of herself, it’s possible for anyone – especially when aided by faith and love.



Janet Kozak is founder and COO of the PR and communications firm Resoulute. She’s an entrepreneur driven by business insights and boundless creativity. Janet’s most interested in women-owned business development and social causes including public health issues and domestic violence education in Muslim communities. She founded an online advocacy and support group, Muslim Women Against Domestic Violence and Abuse, and also recently spoke on the topic of financial abuse at the 2nd International Conference on Women’s Empowerment in Karachi, Pakistan.
She can be found on Facebook and Twitter.