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How Islamic is Your Home?

by Safa Suling Tan

Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful, spacious home? Flowers carefully arranged in vases, matching cushions and curtains, stylish bed linen and comfortable pillows. Everything in its place. Indeed, we sisters take pride in our homes, and rightly so, as Allah has designated that all important space to us to look after and care for. However, have we ever asked ourselves whether or not our homes are ones in which the Prophet (SAW) would feel comfortable? Whether the angels enter with ease? Whether Allah (SWT) is pleased with it? How can we make our homes into Islamic havens of tranquility and comfort?





Remember and worship Allah many times a day
Remembrance of Allah can be in many forms: with the heart, through prayer, recitation of Qur’an, memorising duas and using them, discussing Islamic issues, or reading Islamic material. Establish the salah within the home at its required time and have members of the family pray in congregation when several are present. The family may also designate a specific area for prayer and maintain its uniqueness and cleanliness.





Make learning about Islam a habitual family activity
Attaining knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim and it is the basis upon which iman (faith) will flourish. Try designating two evenings a week to listen to an Islamic lecture, for example. You could also establish a study circle in the home. Encourage your children to participate since this will establish a pattern for them that will be carried throughout their lives.





Have an Islamic library

This may include such things as books, cassette tapes, and CDs. It is important to choose accurate and reliable material. Have books that cover a variety of topics and keep the library properly organised and easily accessible. Audiotapes and CDs may include Qur’an recitation, lectures, and khutbahs, as well as tapes for children containing supplications, reminders of Islamic manners, and nasheeds (religious songs with no musical instruments).





Switch off the box

So much of what takes place on television is, at best, unnecessary audiovisual clutter and, at worst, harmful or damaging to our iman and development as Muslims. If you do have a TV, try to limit its use to necessary or beneficial viewing and resist the temptation to keep it on as background noise. Instead, why not tune into the Speech of Allah? What can be more beautiful to the ear and soothing to the soul than Allah’s words?





No dogs inside please

Contrary to popular belief, Muslims can keep pets; we can even keep dogs. The companions of the Prophet (SAW) kept dogs for farming, etc. However, dogs must not be allowed into the house as Angels do not enter a home when there is a dog present. Also, care should be taken that the dog’s saliva or mucus does not get onto our clothes or body before we pray as it is impure and will invalidate our prayers.





Clean up your walls

We know that Angels do not tread where there are pictures and figurines of human beings, animals, birds, etc present. As mentioned in the Sunnah, we should not have a replica, be it in print or object form of any animate being (a creature that possess a soul) in the house. Try substituting those wedding photos and portraits with landscapes, still life photography, abstract or Islamic art with no images.




Now that you have some ideas on how to make your home more Islamic, which changes will you be making today?





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