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How To Throw a Sisters Pamper Party

Shadiyah Marshall presents a fun-filled and social way to a groomed you.

Do you want to look beautiful? Would you like to de-stress? Do you want to relax, unwind and have an enjoyable time with your girlfriends? If you answered yes to the questions, then what you need is a ‘Pamper Party’.



What is a pamper party?
It is a gathering where you receive beauty treatments in a private cosy setting. It is commonly organised at a hostess’s home, transforming it into a salon. Friends and family get together with some light snacks and drinks and take turns to have some ‘me time’ – for treatments as simple as a manicure to an invigorating massage.



Who it is ideal for?
Pamper parties can be thrown for any reason – from just having a friendly get-together, wanting some ‘me time’, to something more significant like a pre-wedding treat. The most common reasons for having a pamper party are before/after having a baby, a post-Ramadan treat, approaching Eid, a Mothers and Daughters treat, or even husbands wanting to treat their wives.



What are the requirements and preparations?
It doesn’t take much to organise a pamper party. The most important thing is to prepare to enjoy yourself. Preparations are as easy as these steps:


• Call up people that may be interested and up for it (at least 4-6 people).


• Call a therapist or a salon that provides mobile treatment. Get all the details needed to make a decision. Different companies have different specifications and criteria for available treatments. Enquire about the price, duration of treatments, minimum number of people and call out fees.


• Choose a location for your party. The most common choice is at home (yours or maybe a family or friend’s). Alternatively you may book a few rooms in a hotel or a small venue hall.


In most cases you would need to let the salon know roughly how many treatments you will want on that day. This does not have to be exact but the more precise you are about your needs, the better they will be able to handle them. It may be a good idea to take a small deposit from your guests that can be redeemed against their treatment on the day. This reduces the chance of guests failing to turn up after confirming.


What happens during the party?
The hostess provides a room or private area for the therapist(s) to carry out the treatments for her guests. This is to ensure maximum relaxation and enjoyment for the guest, otherwise noise and talking can make the session feel rushed and defeat the purpose of the treatment. The therapist turns this area into a temporary haven and the guests take turns to receive their treatment(s). The others waiting their turn simply enjoy the social company like any other party.



How can sisters enjoy it and have a good time?
In order to enjoy the full benefits of such a party, it is important to think about the little details. Create an ambiance of serenity. Dim the lights and place candles everywhere. Serve light snacks and drinks or maybe order some take away. You may even hold short inspirational talks on topics relevant to Muslim women. It’s paramount that everyone makes the intention of the gathering to be for the sake of Allah (SWT), as looking after your body and mind is an injunction of Islam.



Any treatments that are unsuitable in this setting?
One treatment that is best left for the salon is a body wrap as they can be quite messy and tricky at home. Other than that, almost all pampering treatments can be successfully carried out by a professional therapist.



What to avoid?
Avoid bringing children if you can. Pamper parties are a must for frazzled moms and especially rewarding for those who never get ‘time out’.



Finally, it is important to look after ourselves for well-being and peace of mind. The condition of our body is central to how we feel physically and psychologically. Thus we should look after our bodies and do so for the sake of Allah (SWT) so that we may get reward for it.



Shadiyah Marshall is a UK based beauty therapist and psychology graduate. She combined both fields of knowledge and experience to form her own business ‘Sisters Beautique’, a mobile beauty clinic, providing beauty/health treatments as well as providing seminars and workshops. ‘Sisters Beautique’ aims to educate women on looking after themselves, as this can be a form of ibadah. For more information visit www.sistersbeautique.com and join the facebook page.





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