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I Choose You

A heartfelt poem to stir the soul by Umm Jihad Tonia Salahuddin

I choose you…
Not for your beauty, though you’re beautiful for sure
But for your character and depth, which has much greater allure
For the strength of your conviction in pleasing Allah, the Most High
Not for pleasing your fleeting whims or making decisions on the fly


I choose you…
For what you represent, for your deen and religious aspirations
For your love of, not only Allah, but for all of His creation
For your unselfishness and charity without a moment’s hesitation
For your sensitivity to others and your undying dedication


I choose you…
To be my outer garment, my protection from the Fire
To aid me in righteousness and achieving the Jannah we both desire
For the many ways you encourage me to always aim higher
For your inability to settle for less, a quality I truly admire


I choose you…
Not for the things that you can do for me or what worldly things you possess
I choose you for your moral value, for what lies within your chest
For your loving personality and your willingness to acquiesce
But not as someone who’s subservient or deserves less than the best


I choose you…
To be my partner in my lifelong journey to fight against Shaytan
To hold me up and keep reminding me that this war, he hasn’t won
For your constant sacrifice, for everything that you have done
For considering me a suitable mate and choosing me to be “THE ONE”




Umm Jihad Tonia Salahuddin is a married mother of four who originates from Chicago, Illinois. She currently calls Saudi Arabia home. She loves to read and has always desired to write a book of her own. One of her passions is writing poetry, which is something that has evolved over the years.