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Iman Series – With the Sound of the Trumpet…

In a chilling and emotional narrative, Ann (Umameer) Stock describes the events we will face on the Day of Judgement.

The day arrived when the Trumpet was blown. Allah was alone. He sent down a drizzling rain and the bodies of every man, woman and child rose up from the ground like plants.




The footsteps of family and friends fade in the distance as he found himself alone except for his companion who smiled making him feel at ease.  Who are you?



“I am your deeds,” the companion will reply.  The grave will become wide and two angels will come forward followed by a sweet smelling breeze.



“Who is your Lord?”
“My Lord is Allah,”
“What is your Religion?”
“My religion is Islam,”
“Who is your Prophet?”
“Muhammad (SAW) is my Prophet,” he affirmed. (Bukhari)



Answering these questions won’t be easy for everyone.  For some, the grave will become constricted and their companion will be ugly with an unpleasant smell. Every morning and every evening, those who will be punished will be shown their place in Hell and those who will be rewarded will be shown their place in Heaven.



The day is coming when the Trumpet will be blown. Everyone will stretch their necks to listen; then everything will cease living. Allah (SWT) will remain alone. A drizzling rain will come, and the bodies of every man, woman and child will rise up from the ground like plants. The Trumpet will sound for a second time. They will all be standing looking on. (Muslim)



The Day when We will fold the heaven like the folding of a [written] sheet for the records. As We began the first creation, We will repeat it. [That is] a promise binding upon Us. Indeed, We will do it. (Al-‘Anbya’: 104)



On a day hotter than any other, when the sun will be nearer than it has ever been, the sound of shuffling feet will fill the silence. Shaking, trembling and covered in sweat, mankind will find itself bewildered, standing in a massive gathering of people who had lived at various points in time from its beginning to its end. (Al-Waqia: 49-50)




Wanting to escape, go back or run away, their feet will remain in place. Perhaps if they close their eyes it would all go away but no, they must watch; they will be made to participate.  Regret, filled with sorrow over wasted time, precious time, will overwhelm them but it is too late. The salty sweat will sting their eyes – a poor relief for their dryness.



The believers will gather at a lake along the way. Their feet directed towards the people gathering there. The water will be cool and whiter than milk. Sweet like honey, the smell will be sweeter than musk. A servant will be turned away and the Prophet (SAW) will say, “My Lord, he is one of my people,”



“You do not know that he innovated new things (in Islam) after you,” Allah (SWT) will reply. (Muslim)

Some people will be drowning in their sweat. Their books will fly through the air and land in their left hand. Opening on its own, each detail of the book will be reviewed and every sin, small and big, will be placed on the scale (Kahf: 49). Allah (SWT) will ask them about the prayer, how their time was spent, their money and about what they learned and how they used the knowledge. Tongue, hands and feet bear witness to their crimes (Nur: 24).



“Why are you bearing witness against me?” The servant will ask in horror.
“Allah has caused us to speak, as He causes all things to speak,” they will reply. (Al-Fussilat: 21)



“Wasn’t I generous with you, made you a spouse, and made the horses and camels at your disposal?” Allah (SWT) will continue in questioning. The one questioned will tremble.  “Did you think that you will meet me?”

“No!” they will reply; a chill will run down their spine.
“I will forget you like you forgot me!” Allah (SWT) will say. The case will be closed. (Muslim)

These are the ones who lied against their Lord! No doubt! The curse of Allah is on the dhalimun! (polytheists, wrongdoers, oppressors, etc.) (Hud: 18)  



Others will be covered as if under a cloak; it will be a private meeting with their Lord.  Shaded, alone, and no longer in the crushing crowd. Allah (SWT) will ask them privately,  “Do you recognise this sin?”
“Yes, yea Rabbi,” They must admit.
“What about that sin?”
“Yes, yea Rabbi.” They will reply.



They will feel that doom has cast its shadow over them and once they are sure they are going to be punished, they will receive a reassuring word. “I have concealed it for you on the earth and I have forgiven them for you this day,” Allah (SWT) will say and their book of deeds will be presented in their right hand. (Muslim and Bukhari)



Once the judgment is over, all of mankind will stand before an abyss. A bridge called the Sirat, a golden thread the width of a hair, will be made visible by a raging fire roaring below. The red and yellow flames make the razor sharp thread sparkle and flicker. The sound of the furious flames will be deafening.



There is not one of you but will pass over it (Hell): this is with your Lord, a Decree which must be accomplished. (Maryam: 71)



Some will step upon the Sirat, trembling, and the thread will begin to sway. The fire and its fierce flames will be visible. Iron hooks will grab the ankles of some and as they rip into their skin, they will be cast into their fiery dwellings as the flames rise to welcome their latest guests.



Others will then take their turn on the Sirat. Having witnessed the display of those falling into the fire, some will be crawling on their bellies, others will move forward taking a step, then another perhaps slowly, walking, running all crossing at various speeds. For those people whose feet move quickly and stealthily across the thread, they hope to never look down. The angels will say, “Oh Allah give so and so salvation,” as their feet touch the ground on the other side.



This brief story illustrates the journey of those who believe and by the flip of a heart, those who don’t. The matters entailed in the Belief in the Last Day which begins with belief in punishment or bliss in the grave, our resurrection, the Prophet’s lake, the Day of Judgment and the Prophet’s intercession for those Allah (SWT) allows. Should you make it across the Sirat, you will enter Heaven. If your book is opened in front of everyone and your deed scrutinized, you will fall from the Sirat, spending time in Hell, as Allah (SWT) has decreed.



Heaven and Hell will be discussed next month. Remembering the details of this day will encourage us to perform good deeds and will give us the strength to avoid the sins and evil which surrounds us. Also, knowing about the rewards of Heaven gives us solace for whatever has passed us by.



O Allah, bless us with ikhlas [sincerity], correctness (truth), acceptance, steadfastness, and a good ending.




Part One: From Submission to Faith

Ann (Umameer) Stock discusses the hadith of Jibreel as we begin our journey through the depths of iman.



Part Two: Belief in Allah (SWT)

Ann Stock explains the three types of tawhid and how to build on your belief in Allah (SWT).



Part Three: Angels Made of Light

Ann Stock discusses the angels and their involvement in our lives.




Ann (Umameer) Stock reverted to Islam 27 years ago and lives back and forth between Cairo and Jeddah with her Egyptian husband.  She wants to help the next generation of Muslims understand more about their faith. You can follow her at http://umameerblog.wordpress.com/  Musings of a Muslimah