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In Preparation for Eid-al-Adha

Farzana Gardee asks sisters around the world to share their preparatory plans and tips for a great Eid ul-Adha.

On this day, we are given an opportunity to honour this immense sacrifice of Ibrahim (AS). As our day fills with family and friends, the joys and struggles of Ibrahim (AS) should remain close within our hearts and minds.




This is what SISTERS readers say about their Eid-Al-Adha preparations:





Malawi – Tasneem Jagot
The children are all excited because I have bought goats for Eid. They make sure that the goats are well fed and looked after and they look forward to the slaughtering after Salah. We are up from Fajr to make sure everyone is ready on time. With water and electricity problems my husband and boys bath first so that they are not late for the Eid Salah.




UK – Fozi Foz
I’ve booked some time off for Eid-al-Adha. I love remembering my time spent at Hajj! On Eid, I want to convince my mum to attend the Eid Salaah. After Eid Salaah we usually wear new clothes, have lunch with my mum, siblings & their families. I have lots of nieces and nephews, mashaAllah, so we give gifts to the children.




South Africa – Fathima Dawood
In our family, women do not attend the Eid Salah. We are busy preparing a sumptuous breakfast to be ready by the time our men return from Eid Salah. My morning is all about getting the men’s clothing organised before Eid Salah, and thereafter getting the kids and breakfast ready as well as getting myself ready before the men get home.




Qatar – Bint Mariam
We pray Eid Salaah  in the masjid in our area – we generally walk to the masjid while reciting and listening to the Takbir as it rings through the streets. We usually send our sacrifices abroad, so my day is free of making meat parcels – yay! This year my husband and I plan to to identify one thing each in our lives that we dearly love in order to sacrifice it for the pleasure of Allah.




USA – Caressa Gray Al-Khateeb
I try to get the kids to bed early and have everything ready the night before as it takes us an hour and a half to reach the Eid Salah venue. After 7 years of tough Eid mornings, our last one was the first one we didn’t bicker about, we got out the door with time to spare, alhamdulillah!




South Africa – Safiyyah Surtee
My husband and I leave home around 6a.m. to get to the Eid field early to say the Takbir. We are usually up from Fajr, dressed in our best. After Salah we spend time greeting at the gathering, then go to our parents for breakfast. The best suggestion in preparation for the morning is to get to bed early!




Nigeria – Wasilat Olans-Odesina
Last year we woke up early and went for the Eid Prayer. When we returned, we had our breakfast and thereafter visited my in-laws. My husband joined the men for the sacrifice of the ram and I later joined the women for the boiling of the meat. We had our lunch and dinner at my in-laws. Later that night, we took our portion of the ram and left for home. The second day, I had to boil, fry and cook our own ram and prepare for any guests. Eid-al-Adha is a bit stressful for us here on the first day but you won’t even feel it when you have a lot of people helping you out. Well, that is how we celebrate Eid in my house in Nigeria.




UK – Rachel Sara Lewis
Eid Salah is at 7:30 a.m., so our house is manic. I iron and prepare our Eid outfits the night before. We walk early to the masjid for the Eid Salah to get extra rewards. My baby girl who is only a year old joins us in her sling and we recite Qur’an while we walk.




South Africa: Sadiyya Salojee
The kids really can’t wait for Eid ul Adha, they are already asking! In my family after the Eid Salah, we all change into older clothes and go to the farms nearby, but this year we will be sacrificing at home, insha Allah. The sisters do their own sacrifices as well. We also cook and eat the meat on the same day. It’s a completely different atmosphere to the previous Eid. We are really looking forward to it!




Believers all over the world will have their lives brightened this Eid ul-Adha with both the remembrance of Allah (SWT) and the awareness of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his deep sacrifice. To this day we commemorate his utter devotion to Allah (SWT) when he was tested with a command to sacrifice his son, Ismail (AS). The very same son whom Ibrahim (AS) was blessed with after many many years. At the display of his willingness to comply with this command of Allah’s (SWT), a ram was sent down to replace his son – subhanAllah!




Let this Eid-al-Adha be a day that spirals your spirituality upward and a day that allows you to relish your inner peace. Let the journey of Ibrahim (AS) enrich your sacrifice and let his unwavering faith become a beacon for you and your families to follow.




Wishing you and yours a joyous and uplifting Eid-al-Adha.


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