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SPONSORED POST: How A Muslim Woman Found Her Halal Sexy

How one newlywed found her comfort zone in shopping for intimate apparel.

My family and friends labeled me a prude when I first got married and I refused to shop in a well-known lingerie store because I didn’t want to see other naked women. They reacted as if it was the silliest thing they had heard. “There are dressing rooms!” They insisted. But I hadn’t even thought that far. That was also a no-go for me, I would not be taking off all  my clothes outside my home. I just didn’t need to. I had meant that I didn’t want to be surrounded by the Amazonian sized posters of fleshy lingerie models exposing their awrah, which I knew would be throughout the store. They could not comprehend why I was making such a big deal out this. “Everyone does it…” I wondered why doesn’t everyone know they shouldn’t? There is a hadith (which should be well-known!):




Imam Muslim (RA) narrated that Abu Hurayrah (RA) said: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “There are two types of the people of Hell whom I have not seen… one of whom was, women who are clothed yet naked…”





Imam al-Nawawi has explained that these are contemporary women, wearing sheer and tight clothing. So women in lingerie? That’s too much, I didn’t want to be… exposed to it! What were supposed to be joy-filled days of shopping and preparing for my wedding were marred by family and friends mocking me. I turned to shopping online for my lingerie, where I was faced with even more of the issue, to the point that I felt deeply ashamed for participating in something so clearly pornographic. “But it had to be done”, my sister unhelpfully insisted. Later, when I opened several gifts from my new husband I couldn’t block out the idea of him also viewing all these naked women, regardless of the intention behind it!





Nearly two years into our marriage, when I had pretty much forgotten all this awkwardness, my husband made a playful remark about updating my special wardrobe. No, no, no. I was ready to wear the same negligees until I died if need be! Before I could even properly organize a thought as to how to get out of this predicament my husband leaned over, placing his tablet on my lap. On the screen was a full-skirted “flirty” hot pink baby doll with lacy bra cups and a ribbon-trimmed edge. It was laid out on plain background. Next to it was a similar design in black, also laid out on a plain background. I scrolled down: teddies, chemise, robes, bras, panties… all beautiful, sexy items and not any inch of skin anywhere to be seen!










In2matenights.com was unlike any lingerie site I had ever seen. I clicked through to the “Accessories” page asking my husband, “What is this?”





“Lingerie…” he laughed.




“Yeah, but this site… What… How did you…”




“My sister told me about it.” He smiled proudly. “She said I should check out this cool new halal lingerie site for you. It’s good yeah?”





Yes, it’s good.









In2mate Nights has beautiful, racy, sexy inmate wear all set up in a completely halal way. It was and is absolutely enjoyable to shop on the site with my husband for playful new items to enjoy. I am the only woman he ever sees in the sexy lingerie we buy exclusively from In2mate Nights. And now I can proudly encourage my family and friends to also buy lingerie in a new, clearly halal way.








In2mate Nights believes in making you feel confident and secure in buying and wearing a range of lingerie and using accessories to encourage expressions of love in your marriage. 





In2mate Nights‘ website offers an E-Book of Halal In2macy Advice and practical tips, as well as frank blog posts to support you in keeping marital intimacy lively!



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