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Make-up Blunders

Make-up artist, Kanika Aggarwal throws light on 6 of the most common vanity mistakes we make and shows us how to correct them

Your common make-up routine goes something like this: wear foundation to hide blemishes on the face; eyeliner to accentuate the shape of the eyes; mascara to make them pop and lipstick to define the pout. However, simply using these products does not guarantee you a beautifully made up look. Using them correctly is the key to ensuring that your make-up works for you and not against you.


If you are still in the process of learning how to wear make-up, it is quite possible that you have been heavy-handed with it, made wrong product choices and/or used incorrect techniques to apply it. Here is the low-down on some common slip-ups and how to overcome them.


1. Forgetting to clean the eye shadow fall-out
You are excited about wearing eye shadow so you put a thick layer of it on and get ready to party. But, did you check all the eye shadow fall-out that collected underneath your eyes and on your cheeks? This is possibly the biggest make-up blunder you can make, especially when dark eye shadow colours such as navy blue and purple get involved because the fall-out not only makes your face look more shimmery than necessary or darker than it really is, but it can also give you the appearance of baggy eyes, ‘racoon’ eyes or under eye circles!


Solution: Do your eye make-up before you apply the foundation. Take off excess fall-out with a q-tip dipped in eye make-up remover instead of rubbing it off with your fingers to avoid embedding it deeper into the skin.


2. Wearing lipstick on dry, chapped lips
For some women wearing lipstick is a must. But, you must avoid it if you have dry, chapped lips because the product tends to collect in areas where your lips are cracked and makes the condition worse.


Solution: Apply a lip balm before the application of lipstick to keep your lips moist and soft. Pick creamy, moisture-rich lipsticks instead of matte textures.


3. Forgetting to apply mascara
Application of eye make-up is incomplete without mascara. Eye shadow dust can settle on your lashes and make them look dull and non-existent. This gives you a tired look and makes your eyes appear small.


Solution: Be sure to apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes to give definition to your eyes and give them a wide-open look.

4. Cakey or mask-like foundation
This one is probably the most commonly seen make-up blunder and it happens because either too much product was applied or the wrong shade was used. Foundation should make your skin look naturally healthy. It should not make it seem like you are wearing a mask.


Solution: Choose a foundation in colour as close as possible to your natural skin tone – pink-based foundations for paler skins and yellow-based foundations for deeper skin colours. If your skin undergoes significant tanning in summer time, then you may consider having two foundations – a lighter one for the winter and a darker one for the summer months.


5. Uneven eyeliner application
It is important to make sure that both your eyes look alike and even after the make-up application. It is a huge mistake when eyeliner is drawn thicker on one eye than the other because it ends up making your entire face look lopsided.


Solution: You can choose to either make the thinner side thicker as well to match the other eye, or thin out the thicker side. To thicken, keep adding eyeliner, frequently standing back from the mirror and studying at the eye you are trying to imitate. To thin out one side, take a q-tip dipped in eye make-up remover and carefully wipe out the excess.


6. Overdrawing your brows
If you decide to darken your brows and shape them with an eyeliner pencil, be sure to avoid overdoing it by drawing them too dark or adding very strong angles. This ends up changing your make-up look completely from natural or glamorous to period make-up resembling that of the 50’s (unless those are your intended results).


Solution: Instead of an eyeliner pencil, darken or define them with a dark coloured eye shadow so the brows don’t end up looking harsh. It will also be easier to clean up in case you wish to do so.


Finally, the right products, keen observation, some patience and practice can all ensure that you can use cosmetics to doll-up beautifully and confidently.


Kanika Aggarwal is a professional make-up and henna artist, offering LIVE make-up classes and services in Chicagoland and Greater Toronto Area. Visit her website at www.beautyglamsham.com