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Poetry: Muslimahs

…Because we are Muslimahs.

We are mothers, wives, daughters, aunts, nieces and sisters,
And still we are Muslimahs.
We are teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientist, engineers, bankers,
And still we are Muslimahs.
We love, protect, and honour and we are loved, protected and honoured,
And still we are Muslimahs.
As constant as time, our modesty must never be broken,
Our bodies covered, but our hearts always open.
Because we are Muslimahs.
See, we are like the skies, Islam the crescent
Twinkling behind our eyes.
And our souls are midnight deep,
We walk with grace because heaven
lies beneath our feet.
And inside we keep the secrets
Of every Adam that ever lived,
We sacrificed until we had nothing left to give
And then we found more where no more could’ve been,
Because we are Muslimahs.
And we know what it is like to stand by our man,
And we know what it is like to stand before Allah with empty hands,
Feeling like Hajar wandering across the desert sand,
Helpless and looking for hope like a spring in a barren land
We are Muslimahs – as sacred as Zam Zam.
So bottle us in hijab and let our essence be used
As strength for the muslim ummah,
Take the truth like your scarf and wear it
As protection against the dunyah,
And when they ask you why you cover your beauty,
Tell them: if we did not man would never fulfil his duty.
So take pride in who we are and let them wonder
As they have about the stars,
And let them ponder over the mysteries that we guard,
And let them have their theories,
because while they lie to mankind, Allah sees clearly.
And when we pray,
Allah hears all that we say
Because we are Muslimahs.