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Top Ten Beauty Must-Haves

Umm Amirah shares her top ten beauty tools and products, for an all-round easier and more effective routine.

I’m sure many of us have a variety of beauty items lingering around in our bedrooms and bathroom, but, I’ve rounded up ten items I think would do wonders for our beauty regimes and actually benefit in the long run. Enjoy!



1.Exfoliation Gloves

Perfect for getting rid of dead skin on the body. Pop your gloves on, add a squirt of your favourite body scrub or shower gel, rub gently in circular motions, wash off and voila! You’ll have the smoothest skin and will be wondering where you’ve been without your trusted gloves.



2. Muslin cloth/face towel

This helps to get rid of grime on the face. After using your favourite cleanser, run the cloth under warm water and gently rub away, then wash your face with cool water. I like to use Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish. You’ll have a new, glowing, beaming and smooth face afterwards.



3. Eyelash curlers

Not all of us wear a lot of make up, or perhaps your hubby doesn’t like it much! Curling your eyelashes is a brilliant way to instantly open up your eyes and will make a massive difference to your face. For a good curl, heat with a hairdryer before using. Be careful not to use straight away. Make sure you curl your lashes at the tip, middle and closest to your eye for a perfect feminine curl.



4. Beauty Blender

The new trend is using the beauty blender to blend your foundation or concealer. Dampen it in water before using and it will make your skin look flawless and less ‘made up’. My favourite ones to use are Real Techniques.



5. Vitamin E oil

This is great if you need to even out your skin tone if you suffer from pigmentation,  especially in places like the elbows and knees. Rub a generous amount onto the affected area, once in the morning and once in the evening. You will notice a difference within a few weeks. The key is consistency.



6. Crystal Deodorants

Salt of the Earth is my favourite deodorant. It’s completely natural, so you don’t need to worry about toxic chemicals. You still allow your body to do it’s natural thing by sweating, but it won’t leave an odour. This was tried and tested during my hajj months and I was amazed by the results.



7. Coconut Oil

What can I not say about Coconut Oil? Its an all round, natural amazing product to have. You can use it as a cleanser by rubbing it on and following point two. You can use it as a moisturiser, for brushing your teeth, on your hair before showering. You can even use it in your cooking as a healthy oil, if you like the coconut taste. Good remedy for a chesty cough, added with honey and cinnamon powder.



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8. Highlighter

An instant way to make your face glow and look really healthy. Add to the tip and bridge of your nose, the high point of your cheeks, your forehead, chin and brow bone. Of course if you actually want glowing skin then, drink plenty of water.



9. Dry Shampoo

Why wasn’t this invented earlier? If you don’t have time to wash your hair, then a quick spritz of some dry shampoo will suck in all the grease and give you a fresher look. Great if you need to be at a dressed up event in a rush, or if your hubby is coming earlier from work than expected.



10. Perfume/Itr

This may seem like an obvious one, but I think its nice to have a scent that you are familiar with and love, but now and then change it up and use a different one, for a different feeling.




I hope you’ve enjoyed my beauty must haves, May Allah keep our insides clean, aswell as our outsides ameen



Umm Amirah is a mum of one and wife of graphic designer yasarshehzad.com.

She love arts and crafts and stationary and blogs at https://myworldmuslimah.wordpress.com.