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Of Muslims And Mosques

The ummah is called like it’s seen in Salatu Sule’s poem.

Mosques, mosques everywhere
At each corner I turn
Yet everyday I see
Things that make my heart churn


Sisters on street corners waiting
For brothers who want a good time
We lift up our hands to Allah
Yet we keep sliding down this incline


Parents and children
Cursing each other out
Wives deriding husbands
Husbands slapping wives about


Muslims cheating, lying, hoarding
All they want are full purses
So they empty their hearts of goodness
And pile up wealth and curses


Muslims, Muslims, everywhere
Bowing in Allah’s name
Islam caught in a scarf or beard
While they break bounds again and again


We forget our Lord, we walk away
Shaytan’s whispers top the charts
O! We need to blow this darkness out
And light Allah’s lamp in our hearts