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Oh Sisters of The West

A timeless reminder from Haleema Satti.

Oh sisters living in the west
Do you want to be from among the best?
I know that this life is a test,
But let’s look at Khadijah who was the best from among the rest.


She’s an inspiration for us today
Even to those who came before this day
Her heart was full of piety
She worshipped Allah alone, ascribing with him no deity


She married our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
She was a mother and a wife,
Who comforted him when people threatened to take his life.


She was a wealthy businesswoman
But she didn’t compromise her deen
She and the prophet (SAW) stayed upon the siraat al mustaqeem
When times were hard, they stuck together
This only increased their love for one another


They respected each other
Cared for each other
And loved each other
Yes this is Khadijah, our mother


Haleema Satti hopes this poem reflects her position as a Muslimah.