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Plan Ahead for a Splendid ‘Eid

Got a girls’ night planned for ‘Eid? Or simply dinner with close family? Regardless of the occasion, if it’s a hijab-free zone, ‘Eid offers a wonderful opportunity to look gorgeous and glamorous. So, beware the pitfalls and plan ahead, as Sumayyah Meehan explains.

It happens every single year. The clothes you bought are too tight. Your new shoes are the wrong shade of blue. Your new hair cut looks like someone attacked your head with a pair of scissors while you were sleeping. Don’t let another ‘Eid come and end in disaster! Avoid the fashion ‘faux pas’ and malfunctions once and for all by preparing ahead for ‘Eid.

The Clothes
Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your Eid clothes. Buying clothes can be stressful and it takes time to find the right style and colour. Ramadhan is a golden opportunity to engage in increased acts of prayer and worship. None of us wants to waste a minute of this precious month trying on clothes and standing in line at the store.



Do start brainstorming about your ‘Eid outfit before Ramadhan even begins and take the time to shop, without dropping, in the weeks prior to the beginning of the Holy Month. By relieving the stress of buying your ‘Eid clothes before Ramadhan, you can spend the entire month in obedience and worship of Allah without having to bog yourself down racing all over town to find clothes to wear on ‘Eid.



The Hair
Don’t get your hair cut or streaked the night before ‘Eid. This is just begging for disaster to strike! Salons may be overworked and
understaffed on the day of your appointment. And do you really want to trust your locks to someone who is groggy and wielding a sharp pair of scissors?



Do get your hair cut a full week prior to ‘Eid. Hair does not grow THAT fast so getting a haircut or streaks a little earlier than normal will not make a difference at all. And in the event something does go wrong, like the bleach turns your hair green rather than blonde, you will have a full week to get it fixed.



The Face  
Don’t rely on the old make-up that you have been accumulating for the past few years. More than likely these shades are outdated and will make you look like a throwback to the 90’s rather than the stunning diva that you are.




Make-up expires and using outdated things can cause you to have a massive breakout. Or worse, it will make your skin look discoloured when you are standing in natural light.



Do investigate the latest make-up trends. Buy according to what you need and make sure everything you select is ‘Hypo-allergenic’ which means it is friendly to your skin.



The Venue
Don’t repeat the same mistakes on ‘Eid that you commit every year. Amusement parks are way over-rated and often expensive. And you certainly don’t want to waste valuable time waiting in line. Public parks are out too as the activities are typically very limited and the last thing you want to deal with on ‘Eid is the refrains of, “I’m bored,” over and over again from your kids.



Do walk the road less travelled this ‘Eid. Instead of doing the ordinary, why not do the extraordinary? Spend your ‘Eid doing something fun and unexpected like jet skiing with friends or taking a ‘road trip’ to somewhere you have never visited before. Dare to break out of the norm and make your ‘Eid one to remember!



The ‘Eid al Fitr holiday comes but once a year.  The celebration of the end of Ramadhan is an exceptional time to connect with friends and family.  Be thankful for the bounties you received during the month of fasting and have a blessed ‘Eid!





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