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Post-Partum Pampering

Kanika Aggarwal shares her essential tips for feeling great during those tricky post-partum days!

While a newborn entering your life is truly a blessing from the All-Mighty, as a new mummy, you are probably too tired and drained to think about pampering yourself. Understandably, this is one of the hardest times to adjust to, but continually ignoring your skin and appearance will cause you to fall into a routine that will be nearly impossible to come out of. With tips mentioned below, taking care of yourself will only take a few minutes a day and looking good will make you feel energized and attractive all over again!



• If you wish to keep your makeup routine to a minimum, I would suggest using cream eye shadow and cream blush, both of which can be applied with your fingers. Top off your look with some mascara and a lipstick or lip gloss in a shade that you like.



• Many women experience either very oily skin or very dry skin after pregnancy. In case of oily skin, stick to matte foundations or make your own tinted moisturiser by using your favorite foundation with an oil-free moisturizer. On the other hand, if you experience dry skin, use hydrating foundations.



• Always use a shade lighter than your skin tone when it comes to concealers. This will hide any under-eye circles and brighten the area to make you look radiant.



• While postpartum bleeding continues and making wudu is not required, I highly encourage women to indulge in nail polishes. This is the time to explore all available types and colours!



• Keep in mind that there are chemical ingredients found in beauty products that could harm your newborn.Therefore, it is encouraged to use organic alternatives whenever possible.



• Many women experience that their hair becomes thicker while they are pregnant. Right after birth, they start to notice heavy hair loss and get worried. Don’t panic, your hair loss will usually stop once it has returned to its original volume, before you became pregnant.



• Taking care of your hair can become quite hectic with a newborn, so it is generally recommended to try shorter hair styles that do not require much up-keep. For those with longer hair, try easy hairstyles such as quick French braid or a chignon that doesn’t require hair straightening or blow drying.



• As mentioned earlier, some women experience very oily or very dry skin. For oily skin, it is recommended to use oil-free formulas. These are silicone/gel based and will not make your skin greasy. For those with dry skin, the opposite holds true. Try to find creams and moisturizers that are hydrating. In either case, do not try products that you have not used before, unless you try it  on a small patch of skin first.



Things to avoid
• Harsh scents and perfumes

• Dark lipsticks that you might end up transferring onto your newborn

• Too much jewellery like necklaces, bangles and earrings that can hurt the baby

• Leaving hair loose – it will get in your way when you’re trying to complete all those new-baby tasks!



Having a baby is a new beginning in life but do not let that compromise your state of being and looking great after pregnancy!



Note: If you are unsure about any beauty, hair or skin products, consult your gynecologist or a dermatologist before use.




Ready, Steady, Rest!


Kanika Aggarwal is a professional makeup and henna artist, offering LIVE makeup classes and services in the Greater Toronto Area. She also does one-on-one skin consultations. Her services include: makeup parties, photo-shoots, bridal makeup, special occasion makeup, makeovers, shopping consultations, henna application and more! Visit her website at www.beautyglamsham.com