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Preparing for Ramadhan

We at SISTERS asked our Facebook family for their ideas on how to prepare for Ramadhan – here are some of the very best.

Be prepared spiritually…
“From at least three months before, begin preparing yourself spiritually, as you would prepare yourself for a very important guest. Clear the clutter from your mind and heart as you would clear the clutter from your home. Spend time reflecting on the previous Ramadhan and see how you can make even better use of this Ramadhan. Prepare a rough timetable  for ‘ibaadah so that you can maximise your time. Finally, try to learn as much of the Qur’an as you can (with the translation) so you can follow the Imam during Taraweeh salaah.” -Sabeeha Sader (Leicester)



“Approach Ramadan with the correct intention and preparation. Be physically and spiritually ready for this auspicious month by reading books on the virtues of Ramadan to the whole family. Secondly, let’s try to abstain from sins and be better Muslims now, not just when Ramadan arrives – switch off our televisions, adorn hijab (cover our hair), recite Qur’an or give charity.  Let’s start now! May Allah guide us all.” – Fathima Mehtar



“My husband and I always try to start memorising new surahs at least a month before Ramadhan. We set weekly goals to learn a few ayahs and that way, by Ramadhan, we have new surahs we know that we can recite in our salah.” – Madhu P. (Dallas, TX)



“Draw out what you want to achieve during the holy month. Strive to be amongst those that will be freed from Hell fire. Remind yourself, family members and other Muslims about the virtues of the month.” – Bilkisu Isyaku



… physically…
“We fast in the month of Sha’baan to prepare ourselves. My mother gives us extra vitamins because we all have a lack of vitamin D. I would do the same with my children insha’Allah! When we were little, my mom used to read stories about Ramadhan to prepare us and to explain what it was.” – Yousra Fz (Brussels)

“First of all, we have to plan a good diet of healthy food during the month, and make the menu in Sha’aban. We should be prepared for light, healthy food including lots of veggies and fruit. But it is important not to eat too much because Ramadan is not a month of food, it is a month of not eating food!”  – Ghamry Hudas



“No more chit chat for long periods of time; spend more time reciting Qur’an with its meaning, no more show-off Ramadan parties! It’s better to give that money and food to the poor and in the masjid. Don’t overeat so it becomes heavy for you to pray Tarawih in the masjid. Drink homemade milk shakes and alot of dates inshAllah.” – Farkhanda Jabeen

“Insha Allah, I plan to finish reading the entire Qur’an within the Ramadhan period. Secondly, I am planning on providing Iftaar for the less privileged and more religious activities.” – Xainab A Mahmoud

… home life…
“If you have children, it’s nice to make a paper chain with 30 links, and hang it from a high place (like a ceiling). Let the kids break off one link every day at Maghreb, and you have a visual picture of how the days of the month are going by.” – Ann Ronayne


“We also have a no television rule during Ramadan.” – Farzaana Kuwadia


“Fast in the month of Sha’baan to prepare for Ramadan!” – Mujib Rahman  


On behalf of the SISTERS team, we ask that Allah (SWT) bless your Ramadhan. May Allah (SWT) accept our good deeds, ameen.


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