Sorry for keeping you waiting


By Hafsa Zamir

On this tempestuous night
I have been swallowed by a
Deep whirlpool,
A vortex of the deepest despair –
Hatred and disgust
Wash into my lungs
Like unwanted air.


They say I am a
That my drowning
Is self-inflicted, suicide.


But when my forehead
Kisses the ground in
I know that this darkness
Is decreed by You.


So that I may raise
All that I have:
These empty, meagre hands in


As the effusion of tears
Gather as pools in the palms of
My cupped hands,
The storm in my eyes
Is drained.


There emerges a light
Like the Morning Star.


This is the greatest sign of
Your Providence.


Hafsah Zamir is an aspiring poetess and author.  She blogs at http://esotericsips.blogspot.co.uk