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Readers Tips: Natural Beauty Solutions

Our Instagram followers share some of their no-fail all-natural beauty tips.

I use a mixture of aloe vera gel and coconut oil for my face moisturiser. It’s not too greasy and I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t get as dry as it used to. It’s so easy to make and you can also add some vitamin e oil to it. -yezarck

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Make a simple face mask by mixing turmeric and yogurt. Also, moisturising the skin daily is so important. –thefirstwife




Mash up an avocado and slap it on the face! –humayrah_bint_altaf




I like to use shea butter, it softens the skin and helps with fungal infections. –zeze_folarin




Lemon essential oil mixed with almond oil brightens the face and helps with acne too. –zgsarah

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I’m adding sea salt scrub to the list. Mix equal parts sea salt and olive oil with a few drops of essential oil and lemon. Gently massage on your face and sit back for five minutes. Then wash off. I’m sure you would be marveled at the immediate results. – green_rubaba


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