Sorry for keeping you waiting


By Sarah Sheikh

Letting go, letting in
Changing the person I have been
Time and space creating a shift
Deep within, the old is crumbling to ruin
My old self reaches out, trembling
No map, no reference point


The spirit of the place beckons me
Ushering in the new
Holding me in a cocoon
Whilst deep transformation occurs
The old self bids farewell
A torrent of memories released


The new self gingerly emerges
Timid, shy, yet strong to the core
Vast spaces within allow the dream to ignite
The river of creativity trickles slowly
Glistening in the sunlight
Promising unfoldment of my hearts desire


Sarah Sheikh is a beauty, travel and lifestyle writer. Her articles can be found in Yoga Magazine, Get Fresh Magazine, other health publications and luxury lifestyle magazines. She also writes poetry on a regular basis, which has been published in Mused Literary Review and on numerous websites. Sarah reverted to Islam in June 2013, and lives with her husband in England.