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Review: The Traveller Collection from Stori Dori

Forever dreaming of travelling, LaYinka Sanni shares her thoughts on a travel journal.

I’m a traveller at heart who can spend hours and even days dreaming of the countries I want to set my eyes upon and adventures I’d love to embark on. With the ultimate excursion to the House of Allah (SWT) never far off in my mind, I was ecstatic to learn of Stori Dori’s newest collection that could make the once in a lifetime trip just that much smoother. With the frantic hustle and bustle of Hajj, a travel journal to alleviate stress is most certainly welcome.




The Traveller Collection is the brainchild of Lewis Hillier, Stori Dori’s Leather-Crafter in Chief, who skilfully married the design simplicity Stori Dori is known for with ingenious functionality. Fusing the capacity to keep a journal and travel documents together in a secure – and gorgeous! – leather journal cover is the epitome of genius in my dreaming-traveller mind.






The Traveller Collection is definitively different from the other two collections Stori Dori has to offer. The first thing I noticed was the leather composition. Instead of a single cut of leather as found in the Adventure Collection, or a hand-stitched inner pocket as found in the Seeker Collection, The Traveller features three cuts of leather that are hand-sewn on the outer edges. At first glance, it seems rather odd – excessive, even – however, when opened up, it makes sense.



Inside The Traveller, you’re presented with two secretarial pockets on the right and left of the journal, with the left pocket stamped with a hadith to remind us of our sojourn in this world: “Be in the world like a stranger or a traveller along a path.” These secretarial pockets are far from merely being decorative; they’re functional, and have the traveller in mind as you can easily slip a slimline smartphone, passport, boarding pass, cash or bank cards within them. And with two at your disposal, it’s easy to have essential travel documents to hand all in one place without having to dig through handbags to reach them – what a relief!





Another distinguishing feature of The Traveller is the clever back wallet pocket for additional lightweight travel storage; a secret of the unique triple layer arrangement of this travel journal. I wasn’t initially convinced it’s a necessity; however, after storing journal cards and post-it notes within them, it became clear that the Stori Dori team had truly considered a traveller’s needs. The ability to easily carry additional documents or passports within the large back wallet, you have peace of mind that everything you need is both accessible and secure.



One thing I discovered on my mini excursions with my Traveller is that it doesn’t open flat like my other Stori Dori journals. Due to the wonderfully functional large back wallet, you’ll have to opt to lean on either the left or right side when writing in the notebook included with The Traveller. This didn’t prove to be a burden because The Traveller fits perfectly in your hand for instances where you can’t find a flat surface to lean on, making it a great on-the-go writing companion.





The Traveller is available in two sizes: Tall and Short, and comes in a single gender-neutral Rosewood colour unlike other Stori Dori journals. This signature colour gives the Traveller Collection additional edge to further set it apart from journals in the company’s other collections.



Whether you’re preparing to make your trip of a lifetime to Allah’s House in Makkah, or you are a dreaming traveller who makes mini excursions more locally, Stori Dori’s Traveller is the perfect travel companion that helps you keep journaling and travelling essentials on-hand with the assurance that they’re stored safely.





You can find out more about Stori Dori’s new Traveller Collection at www.storidori.com. Order deadline is 24th August for Hajj 2016 (UK mainland only).



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LaYinka Sanni is a UK-based editor and writing coach dedicated to helping Muslim women emerge into the world with their stories. She’s an avid reader and has been writing for longer than she can count on two hands. She can be found online at: www.layinkasanni.com.