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Sampling the Delights of Sunnah Skincare

Catherine Clarke reviews a range of products by Muslim-run company Sunnah Skincare.

A few months ago, I bit the bullet and ditched most commercial cleaning products after reading about the risks posed by chemical cleaners used around the house. Soon after, I started looking at other products differently as well. With the boycott of Israeli goods as a reference point, it seemed difficult to find toiletries that didn’t have links with the country. I felt that rather than rule a product in after searching the internet for its corporate links and investments, it would be better to positively choose products based on their ethical credentials. Did I really want to pay money for lotions and potions that may be doing me harm, and are certainly doing society harm with their mass ad campaigns objectifying women and questionable marketing techniques? In stark contrast to this un-Islamic industry, Sunnah Skincare offers a viable alternative. I was sold on the company’s environmental, ethical and halal credentials – would I be so enthusiastic about their products?


This was the first product I tried. It arrived, pleasingly packaged and smelling wonderful. I used it in place of shower gel (with a loofah or shower puff), as a face wash in the mornings and as a shampoo. As a shower gel and face wash it worked beautifully, a sufficient lather is generated when used with a loofah and only a small amount of soap is necessary. My skin felt soft afterwards, and although I used to have occasional dry patches on my arms, these have now gone. It also left my face feeling refreshed and squeaky clean in the morning.


As a shampoo, however, it has taken some getting used to – to say the least! Having emailed Ruqaiyyah about it, I knew that it was normal for the hair to take time to adjust, depending on individual hair types. I began using a cider vinegar rinse after shampooing, using about 50mL of cider vinegar diluted with about 200mL of water, which I applied after shampooing, combed through and rinsed out. This improved my hair’s texture. And it was texture that was my main issue – my hair felt heavy and sticky. After about six weeks, things started to get much better. My hair is not exactly like it was when I used commercial shampoos, but I actually prefer how it is now. It’s less flyaway, has more volume and holds a style better.


Baby soap
This also doubles as a shampoo for my children. They didn’t have the same issue with texture, though I do use a small amount of vinegar rinse on my daughter’s hair – apparently it keeps nits away, as an added bonus! Instead of a bubble bath, I put a few drops of tea tree and lemon oil in their bath and then they use the soap all over.



Blackseed and honey cleansing balm
Using a small amount of this balm and massaging all over the face for about two minutes, followed by a warm face cloth for one minute before wiping off, feels like a mini facial every evening. My skin feels tingly afterwards – it’s very relaxing and removes tension in the face.



Coconut and starflower treatment balm
I used this on any blemishes and dry patches after using the soap or cleansing balm – a little goes a long way, and it works well on any problem areas.



Argan and moringa intensive moisture cream
This is a lovely rich cream that feels super moisturising, perfect for winter.



Bath cake
A good excuse to treat myself to a bath! The bath cake felt so luxurious, and the beautiful smell lingered on my skin.



Pure argan oil roller bottle
A handy bottle that I roll on to my forehead and eye area for its wrinkle busting properties.



Argan oil cleanser
This oil cleanser has a lovely smell and works in a similar way to the cleansing balm, only in oil form. It’s probably a bit easier to use, as the balm can solidify quite a lot in the cold.



Rhassoul clay exfoliator
This comes as a dry clay and is mixed with water or oil dependent on skin type. I mixed it with water. It had a great texture, like rubbing wet sand on my face. My skin felt silky smooth afterwards.



Rhassoul clay and blackseed mask
This has a lovely thick texture, and it glides on effortlessly. I used it after the exfoliator, as recommended. It left my skin feeling nourished with no tightness or irritation – a pleasure to use.


Himalayan salt deodorant
The deodorant is hard and egg-shaped, which seems strange at first as I thought it might be soapy. It goes on easily and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now with no complaints!



The Sunnah Skincare products have a wholesome, earthy quality that makes me feel good about using them. I’ve been able to use them in place of all my old commercial toiletries. The professionalism of the website, ordering process and customer service far surpassed my expectations for a small company. It’s also super to get a personal response to an email query. All in all, a company with a brilliant ethos, fantastic products and an inspirational plan for the future, masha Allah.




Catherine Clarke is a history graduate living in Scotland with two young children. She has an interest in all things health, fitness and family related and is on a mission to banish the chemicals from her home.