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Shouldn’t the Weaker Sex be Encouraged to Get Stronger?

Adeeba Khan explains why investing in self-defence is an especially practical choice for women and girls.

The following is a classic example of an attack on a woman:

In one uncut frame, we see a woman enter a crowded lift. There was little space, but she was able to fit with ease because of her small, slim frame. The doors close and open several times before only her and two other men are left inside. As the doors close again, without any prior indication, the men (who are tall, medium build and wearing identity-obscuring hoodies) position themselves on either side of her. Clearly she notices and reacts, by standing straight and seeming on alert. The men try to snatch her handbag. She, as many women would, resists. However, it may not seem like the wisest of decisions as she was up against two and the stronger of the sexes. The two goons don’t stop there, but advance only to stoop to an even lower cowardly act – attacking her! To my surprise, she not only defends herself but she floors the two pathetic excuses for humans. As the doors open, she steps out unharmed, doesn’t seem to have broken a sweat and suffered no loss to her items. In contrast, the two men are writhing in pain, in a corner of the lift.




This scene is from a video I saw on social media, as captured on CCTV camera. Yes, I know what you were expecting, the usual: girl victim, guys get away with handbag and physically abusing the poor girl. But this girl taught the men to at least think a hundred times before acting on their criminal instincts, as a girl can be equally if not more “street smart.” But of course, not all girls are equipped to deal with these situations.




Majority of victims

Social media has many experiments showing how girls are catcalled, followed and even stalked. These are unquestionably intimidating experiences. Women are routinely dealing with their personal space being invaded.




In a girl’s upbringing many adults don’t give importance to this aspect of her education – staying safe, healthy and confident. It’s embedded in their minds that while girls are weaker and defenceless, martial arts are still only for boys. How would it feel if a loved one was attacked and you could do nothing to help them?





Health conscious generation

Nowadays, people are educated and can consciously make a healthy lifestyle their priority. This trend is definitely both exciting and encouraging to see. The benefits of practising martial arts are immense, and just to highlight a few:



• Health – Heart disease affects many people in our world today and through martial arts this can be controlled, if not entirely reversed.



• Physical fitness (weight loss/muscle gain) – obesity levels can be reduced through martial arts, as it burns more calories and gives a sense of achievement when learning new moves, and doesn’t focus on body image or weight.



• Connection with the inner – A person connects to her inner-self and finds peace and tranquility when she practises an exercise regime. Furthermore, the strength of the soul is increased and this in turn awakens the sense of positive energy which emanates from her. Through this, she heals emotionally. Her character becomes stronger and there is no space for negativity.



• Self-defence – In an unsafe world the person trained in self-defence is, well, safer.



• Discipline – Trains one to control emotions, desires, etc. In the long run one can achieve higher goals and is satisfied.



• Social benefits – Confidence is gained. Whilst drug and alcohol addiction are at epidemic levels, they are much more unlikely to be experienced by athletes and martial artists.





Let this be your wake up! First and foremost invest in keeping yourself safe and healthy. Find yourself a Martial Arts club or trainer. This is part of your education, and it’s your right.





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Adeeba Khan is a writer and blogger, writing for Muslimahs. Through her writing she strives to instill positivity and optimism. http://adeebak.com/