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Sicilian Tuna Pasta

Yvonne Maffei shares a flavoursome pasta dish that incorporates tastes of the Mediterranean.

As far as quick weeknight meals go, this one really takes the cake – especially if you stock up on quality fish canned in olive oil. Try Sicilian or Tunisian tuna for very flavourful results, and use only fresh herbs to really bring this dish to life. It’s a taste of the Mediterranean that will elevate a typical weeknight into something tastier and more memorable.



Serves 4




• 450 g dried organic spaghetti
• 500 ml extra virgin olive oil
• 225 g Sicilian capers
• 180 g pitted Kalamata olives
• 280 g albacore tuna or salmon
• 35 g minced fresh garlic (about 8 cloves)
• 300 g finely chopped fresh parsley
• 300 g cherry tomatoes, cut in half
• 12 g crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
• Freshly grated Parmesan cheese (optional)




1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain the pasta of all water, then immediately place a metal or stainless steel bowl under the colander. Add a generous drizzle of olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking. The bowl underneath should collect some of the olive oil, which you can use again if there isn’t any water in the bowl.



2. To the bottom of a larger serving bowl, add half of the remaining olive oil. Next, add about a third of the cooked spaghetti to the bowl. Add the capers, olives, tuna and garlic and mix into the pasta. Add the rest of the olive oil, then another third of the noodles.



3. Next, add the parsley, tomatoes and pepper. Mix in the remaining spaghetti to combine completely. Top with crushed red pepper flakes and Parmesan, if desired.




Bismillah and buon appetito!




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