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Umm Jihad’s poem about the beauty of the simple life

Simplicity is the epitome of living religiously

Released materially from unimportant things which bring no benefit to me

Not bound nor enslaved by what the dunya promises to be

My aims are higher and traverse all that opposes He who created me

No desire for glitz and glamour, that’s not what I need,

Just a simple life devoid of material greed

Content with just a few of the essential things

Those providing sustenance of a minimal nature, not that of kings

Not into the latest fashions, designer clothes and bling

Desiring only the simple attire that proper covering brings

Food that gives me just enough to fill me partially

Leaving 1/3 for drink, 1/3 for air so I may worship He

Living simply one might assume that I’m deprived of things

A closer look reveals how untrue that theory rings

Living a simple life, as my Lord commanded me

Not simply existing, I’m enjoying life to the fullest degree

The finer things I possess, as I’ve chosen Islam as my deen

Awaiting the treasures and pleasures that only Jannah can bring.





Live like a traveller is Umm Jihad’s motto. She is constantly striving for a simple life, desiring enough to bring comfort but not so much that it creates chaos. Rather than collecting things, she now strives to collect good deeds so that on the Day of Judgment her scales will be weighted in her favour, with the aid and assistance of Allah.