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SISTERS Loves: Ramadan Battle Plan

Ameera Rahim from Traditional Muslim Homemaker has found the perfect tool for making Ramadhan as productive as possible!

Are you ready for Ramadan?
Do you have a plan?
Are you ready to battle your nafs (ego) during Ramadan?


If you have the Ramadan Battle Plan, you can surely say yes! SISTERS loves the Ramadan Battle Plan because its goal is to help with our akhirah in our dunya, remind us to get closer to Allah, and get more from Ramadan!


Ramadan is approaching and everyone is scrambling trying to figure out how they can make the most of it. How can I do better than last year? What can I do to help increase my iman? These are some of the questions people tend to ask themselves, and honestly, I am one of them! So what can help us in having a much more beneficial Ramadan?



Let me introduce Maria Islam, founder and creator of the Ramadan Battle Plan (RBP). Each year Maria works very hard to improve her planners, adding more ways for us to have a better Ramadan than the last! Each year she gets better and we benefit more, alhamdulilah! .





For a mum like me, the Ramadan Battle Plan helps keep me focused during the month and I gain so much on a daily basis. Maria, a convert to Islam, noticed that other converts were wanting to better organise their ibaadah and bring it more on point, but they were unsure how to go about it. Through much tinkering and a lot of work, the RBP emerged and quickly became popular amongst many Muslim communities – what a blessing, alhamdulilah!


Now we all know that sometimes it feels as though Ramadan zooms right by, and before we  know it we are asking, “What happened?” and making plans for the next one. And while we are making plans, so is Maria. She is surveying the community and asking what else can be used in the planner to make it better.





What’s inside the Ramadan Battle Plan?  
Questions for reflection, hadiths, schedulers, reminders and more! One of my favourite parts of the RBP is the ‘Sunnah Size It’ feature! This consists of a check list of different sunnah actions one can do during the day!


The RBP has been a great addition to my Ramadan, masha Allah, so every year I look forward to the newest version.





By getting the RBP I have:

• Gained more benefit during Ramadan;
• Received help with focusing on ibaadah;
• Started the habit of doing more sunnah actions;
• Gained help with scheduling my life.


Having the pleasure of knowing Maria, I can tell you she is a dedicated Muslim, striving to help us all achieve the most out of each Ramadan.


A Complimentary download is available at ramadanbattleplan.com/rbp2016 and two digital versions are available to purchase – one that can be typed inside and a journal style – at ramadanbattleplan.com/buypd







Ameera Rahim is a service at home mum of 6 children and helpmate to her husband Ameer Idris of 8 years.. When she isn’t busy with her homemaking, she runs the Traditional Muslimah Homemaker blog and Facebook page.