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SISTERS’ Ramadhan Health Tips

We asked our team members, writers and readers to share some of their health and wellbeing tips for the long summer fasts…

Take that sunnah nap! No guilt, napping is a sunnah and you could use the boost that comes after it – Brooke Benoit, Content Director




Drink lots of coconut water at suhoor – it’s super hydrating and really does help keep the thirst at bay during the day – Reyhana Ismail, Design Director




Give up coffee two weeks before Ramadhan to avoid the headaches that can result from caffeine withdrawal – Catherine Clarke, writer




Don’t eat too much directly after maghreb – just have something light and nutritious, like soup, then take a break before having a light dinner (after tarawih works well for me) – Karantita Amn, writer




Eat suhoor!!! Oatmeal mixed with seeds, nuts, etc cooked with unsweetened almond milk keeps me going and it’s full of calcium, protein, and healthy fats. Earnest Eats has it pre-mixed and it tastes great – @rorlanzino via Instagram

I was nursing my youngest the last two Ramadans, so I needed to consume plenty of nutrients, energy-boosters, and milk-producing agents. The date shake was a perfect, yummy blend of all that. I put in it pitless dates, ripe banana(s), flaxseed powder, shredded coconut unsweetened flakes, coconut palm sugar, almond milk, sliced almonds and crushed ice. It came out the best consistency in my nutrabullet. I topped it with homemade whipped cream sweetened with honey crystals. Drink up the sunnah! – @tayyabawrites via Instagram

Eat well-balanced meals, don’t skip suhoor, and drink lots of water! Practice mindful eating so that we can stay healthy and modest during ramadan! – @muslimahhealthy via Instagram


What keeps you going during Ramadhan? Comment below with your best advice!




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