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Skin Savvy Secrets for the Adult Stages

20? 30? 40+? Fahima Miah highlights the importance of caring for your skin at every age.

Your skin is a gift and bounty that has been bestowed upon you, and requires different treatments during different stages of your life. In this article, I aim to share some advice for caring for your skin in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, as well as tips for how to go about finding the right cleansers, moisturisers and serums for your skin.


Tender 20s
The teenage years are over, and it’s time to find the right regime for your skin. Your skin could start showing signs of moving from teenage to adult acne – you may notice your spots migrate south, from the forehead and nose area to places like your chin. Symptoms such as clogged pores and oily skin may also be evident. As your skin cells are still regenerating quickly during this age, your skin remains plump and youthful, so it is important to act early to keep your skin healthy and pre-empt the effects of aging.


SISTERS recommends…
Cleansers: Stick to foamy cleansers to give you a fresh face and help get rid of any excess oil that may remain on the surface of your skin.


Moisturisers: Sun screen is crucial to staving off premature aging, so try using a light daily moisturiser with SPF 15+ to protect your skin from most UVA and UVB sun damage. Insha Allah you will be cashing in on the benefits later on!


The Extra Mile: Do not be tempted to pick at your spots as this may lead to long term scarring, which could be worse than the original spot! Products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide should help with those minor breakouts.


Thriving 30s
You may start to notice your skin becoming dull as the cell division process begins to slow down, resulting in your skin not being able to repair itself like it used to. Skin will only naturally exfoliate every 35 days now rather than every 14 days as it would in your 20s, so it’s important to develop a routine that involves exfoliants.


SISTERS recommends…
Cleansers: Switch up your foamy cleansers for less drying, non-foaming ones.


Moisturisers: Moisturisers with antioxidants such as tocopherol and vitamin C are a must for your 30s, as they are believed to boost sun protection as well as helping reduce some of the existing sun damage on your skin. Once this layer has been applied, be sure to wear a good layer of sunscreen to help curb any extra UV damage!


The Extra Mile: To help protect the overall colour, elasticity and texture of your skin (which includes keeping wrinkles at bay), you may want to invest in retinoids. However, please do keep in mind that you should avoid areas around the eyes, as failure to do so could lead to irritation.


Finer 40’s
Skin may start to lose moisture as estrogen levels dip, leading to lines becoming more visible around the mouth, eyes and brow areas. Skin may start to sag a little under the jawline, and begin to thin due to the loss of elasticity. Sun damage from earlier years will become more prominent in your 40s in the form of uneven skin pigmentation and ruddiness.


SISTERS recommends…
Cleansers: Invest in a good facial cleansing brush to help remove the excess dead skin cells that may linger on the surface of the skin. It is best to stick to non-drying cleansers, because you’ll want to retain as much moisture as you can – consider a cream cleanser rather than a gel one.


Moisturisers: Creams containing antioxidants will aid in reducing some of the damage your skin has already faced throughout the years. Dryness can be treated with rich moisturisers containing shea butter or oils. As per usual, make sure to carry on using sun protection to limit any further damage to your cells.


The Extra Mile: Serums with peptides and retinoids should be of great benefit to your skin, as they will help inject a bit of collagen into your skin without the use of needles.


Fairer 50’s
The biggest issue you may face in your 50s is the loss of collagen around the middle and lower parts of the face. As the natural oil production in your face slows down, your skin may also become more sensitive to weather change. Pores are likely to be more visible during your 50s.


SISTERS recommends…
Cleansers: Choose a cleanser that will both clean and hydrate your skin, so aim for non-soap or cream-based cleansers.


Moisturisers: Remember to carry on moisturising, now more than ever! By now you may have opted to replace your creams and lotions with a serum, as they absorb more easily into your skin. Continue to shield your skin through the use of creams containing SPFs as it is never too late to protect your skin from sun damage.


The Extra Mile: Look for serums that are high in peptides to help build up collagen under the skin, and ones that contain hyaluronic acid to allow your skin to absorb and lock in more moisture.


Fahima is forever on the hunt for natural, halal products. She has trialled and tested many different creams and balms over the years before finding an elite few that she treasures, Alhamdulillah.