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Ayisha Azam, one of the CEO’s and the designer for Aeshah’s collections proudly talks of her of designs and why she thought it was important to launch Scotland’s first online store specialising in modest wear.

Aeshah, Scotland’s first online store specialising in modest fashion with panache, in particular bespoke tartan-inspired designs, is a Scottish fashion house which comprises of roots from three diverse cultures – Afghan, Kashmiri and Scottish. With its diverse background, Aeshah collections aims to draw inspiration for fashion trends from its roots and blends the three different backgrounds in its designs to give today’s women the latest fashion trends in abayas, kurtas, partywear and dresses.



Where did the idea of designing your own collection come from?

Ayisha: I was always into art and out of over 100 pupils from my school I was selected to attend Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Art School on the weekends where I signed up to learn about fashion. After attending for a year, I told my mother I wanted to do a degree in fashion. She promptly pulled me out of art school, as she wanted me to ‘do a proper degree.’



Twenty-four years later my family now fully support me to live my dream of launching my own line and establishing Scotland’s first online store in modest wear.





Tell us a little bit about your designs.

Ayisha: As a Scot I grew up with tartan around me and saw at important functions many Scottish men and women wearing tartan inspired outfits, be it kilts or dresses. However, for myself as a Scottish Muslim woman, I never found anything suitable which could be defined as a modest tartan dress which I could wear and proudly show off my Scottish roots, so I designed my own dresses and abayas with tartan on them. My other designs are inspired by fashion trends from around the world, in particular my Kashmiri heritage and Afghani roots from husband’s side.



Arabian Abaya



How did you come up with the name Aeshah?

I came up with the name before I even came up with designs for my line. I wanted a name which reflected my family; therefore, I came up with Aeshah. The ae reflect the initials for my daughters: A for Aleezah-Imaan and E for Eshaal. Shah is my husband’s surname and when you put it all together it is pronounced as Ayisha which is my name.



DSC_0811 (A)



Why did you feel the need to establish Scotland’s first online store specialising in modest wear?

I am proud to say I have launched Scotland’s first online store specialising in modest wear because it makes me happy to have contributed towards achieving and living my dream in my city and to contribute to the modest fashion world, not just as a Muslim woman but as a Scottish Muslim woman. When I looked around and noticed there was a gap in the Scottish market in providing modest wear online, my husband and I took the opportunity to fill in that gap and provide a service to woman desiring modest wear. Although we are Scotland’s first online store specialising in modest wear we ship worldwide and want to break into the international market.






What makes Aeshah’s collection different from others?

Firstly our tartan inspired modest wear, in particular tartan abayas, are a first for woman who like tartan inspired designs. All the outfits are designed by myself so they are unique and will not be found elsewhere. Lastly whatever your background is, I believe you will find something suitable in my designs.


Persian Evening Gown 1




Online store: www.aeshah.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aeshah.co.uk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/aeshahcollection

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