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SPONSORED ARTICLE: Breastlight – Can You See Changes Inside Breasts?

Most women will have healthy breasts throughout their lives; however due to the concern over breast cancer they want to stay in touch with their breast health.



From the age of 50 and above, the NHS invites every woman for a mammogram every 3-5 years until the age of 70. After this age women are not routinely invited but are encouraged to request screening once every 3 years.




Around one and a half million women are now screened in the UK each year and with the expected number of women in this age group expected to increase by 20% between 2005 and 2025, the demand for the service will continue to stretch the NHS.




What Can Women Do To Keep In Control Of Breast Health.

Doing two important parts of looking after breast health will make women more breast aware.

1) Practice BSE – Breast Self Examination and enhance this with breastlight

2) Attend a breast cancer screening program when invited


Breast Awareness this means to know your breasts whatever your age, size or shape.


  • Know what’s normal for your breasts, like the way they look and feel.
  • Know what to look for
  • Look and feel your breasts regularly. The more often you do, the more familiar you will get with what feels normal for you.
  • See your GP if you notice a change – early detection of any breast health illness is the best protection, remember not all abnormalities are cancerous; most changes in your breasts won’t turn out to be cancer



Go for screening when invitedIf you’re invited to be screened don’t put it off, GO




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Can You See Changes Outside of The Breasts?

Yes, look for the unusual changes – unusual changes need to be noticed. Noticing any changes will not prevent it but it will alert you to go see a GP, where these unusual changes can be controlled.

Look for the inside changes of breasts – monthly breast self examination will help you to look for changes outside of the breasts, but what is going on inside your breasts is also important to know.




You must be thinking how can you view inside your breasts? Well here’s the answer:

It is not possible to see inside the breasts with the naked eye but it is now possible with the help of a new women’s wellbeing product ‘breastlight ‘, a breast health screening device that is used in the comfort of your own home.




What is breastlight?

This medical device is a handheld easy to use tool for your personal well being. Its primary function is to enlighten breast awareness in conjunction with BSE (breast self examination).



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Breastlight provides you a chance to have an inner view of your breasts. It works by shining a safe and powerful bright red light through the breast tissue. The light passes through the breast tissue and reveals dark areas where blood is present.




It is therefore fairly normal to see a pattern of veins but, if there is a dark cluster, this is a potential abnormality that requires a check up with a GP. Breastlight makes breast self examination easy for you and enhances your confidence to perform monthly breast examinations without any ambiguity of what you have to look for.


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Breastlight is not a substitute for mammogram screening.

For more information visit www.breastlight.com




To purchase Breastlight, call 01226 610136. Breastlight is also available to buy at www.breastlight.com > Weldricks Online Pharmacy > Amazon > Dears Pharmacy (Scotland Only) or email: sales@breastlight.com for purchases of 3 or more – deals are available.




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