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Sponsored Article: Celebrating Sahabah

Khadijah L. from ADaBi, London-based publishing house, discusses the importance of finding positive role models for our children within Islamic history.

Sahabah are excellent role models
Two years ago, after 20 years occupying various senior positions in the medical field, Khadija L., a mum of three, started writing religious stories for kids. The initial idea was to provide her own children with high quality books about the lives of the great Companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). She thought they were excellent role models for her children: they were the greatest generation and learnt Islam from the best teacher and most perfect example ever: Muhammad (SAW). They were not Prophets or Messengers, just human beings – like any one of us. They had different personalities, characters and skills. They faced many trials and yet many managed to succeed and will be among the inhabitants of Jannah. Through the lives of the Companions, she hoped that her children, and other Muslim children, could find a role model.



Why are role models important?
Children look up to a variety of role models: parents and caregivers, siblings, friends, celebrities, books or movie characters. They are usually people they admire and wish to resemble. Through TV, tablets, mobile phones and videos games, kids are assailed by images of people presented for good or bad reasons as examples to follow. Whether we like it or not, whether their choice is obvious or not, they will take role models. The best alternative is to teach them about great figures of history, the ones who have been really successful: the ones who have earned Paradise.



The Ten Promised Paradise
The Ten Promised Paradise were ten Companions who were promised paradise on the same occasion, during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). They are considered the elite of the Muslim community. Among these ten Companions are the four great caliphs. Children usually know the lives of these caliphs but rarely hear about the six other Companions who were major heroes. These Companions’ lives are not taught in madrassahs. These sahabah dedicated their lives to serve Allah’s deen and support His Messenger (SAW). They were among the very first believers, when almost nobody believed in Muhammad’s message, when he was persecuted and ostracised in Makkah. Not only are they excellent role models, but they should also be honoured and remembered out of love and gratitude. They should live in the Muslims’ hearts and homes, and their lives should be taught in Islamic schools.



The ADaBi series on the Ten Promised Paradise
London based publishing house ‘ADaBi’ are proud to announce the launch of specialist religious books on these six great Companions. Written specifically to increase knowledge and love for these sahabas, the utmost attention has been brought to all aspects of publishing – from the writing, illustrating and designing, to the choice of paper quality. The stories are based on reliable sources including the Quran, Ahadith, books about Sirah-tul-Nabi and other trustworthy Islamic history books. Attractive and beautiful illustrations have been used to capture the children’s interest and facilitate understanding. Illustrations of living beings have been avoided throughout.



Through the lives of these Companions, children can find role models and learn Islamic morals and manners that will help them gain success in this world as well as in the Hereafter in sha Allah.




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