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Sponsored Article: Islamic Audio on Tap

SISTERS’ Editor, Na’ima B Robert finds inspiration at Muslimcentral.com

Have you ever felt the need for some Islamic inspiration and a true iman boost?



With all of us leading such busy lives, it can be difficult to squeeze in time for Islamic classes or lectures between work and the school run, family demands and social expectations. But the thing is, we all need a regular connection with Islamic knowledge to keep our iman high and hearts steadfast.



This is where a site like MuslimCentral.com can prove invaluable.




With a database of almost 15,000 audio lectures from 120 of the Muslim world’s favourites speakers, including Mufti Menk and Bilal Phillips, MuslimCentral.com offers inspiration and information on topics as diverse as aqeedah, tafseer of the Qur’an, Islamic manners and morals, fiqh, history, marriage and family affairs and contemporary issues.




There are also handy playlists so that you can listen to all the talks in any series that particularly piques your interest.




Another great feature is the inclusion of some of the top female speakers involved in da’wah today, including Yasmin Mogahed, Zohra Sarwari and Haleh Banani. Look out for the little female icon!




To make it even easier to connect with the knowledge while on the go, MuslimCentral.com offer a variety of different apps: single or multispeaker apps are available on Android as well as channels from Muslim organisations.




There are also iTunes Audio podcasts that sync automatically whenever new content is added.




And the best thing is: it’s all absolutely free, with no advertising, masha Allah.




The same team has created another project that offers the community another fantastic service: www.qurancentral.com. This is where you can find Qur’an recitations from 275 reciters from all around the world, from the mega famous to the exquisitely obscure. There are some real gems to be discovered among the different styles of recitation, different nationalities, and different generations of reciters.




Again, all the recitations are available for free via the website, Android apps and iTunes.




So, next time you are yearning for some inspiration and Islamic enlightenment, visit www.muslimcentral.com and  www.qurancentral.com and benefit from the best Islamic audio database on the Internet.