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Helping You Stay Safe, Helping You Stay Healthy, Insha’allah

‘’Verily your Lord has a right over you and your family has a right over you and your body has a right over you. So fulfill each right’.(Sahih Bukhari)




So you’ve booked the trip to Hajj and the excitement and adrenaline is kicking in. Friends and family are eager to help and are bombarding you with advice and helpful ideas. You have Hajj books and seminars coming out of your ears. There is so much information to take in that it can feel overwhelming at times.




Having performed Hajj, I know this feeling too well. It has to be said however, that no amount of books or advice can prepare you for the realities of being in Saudi Arabia and the whole Hajj experience.




There are countless websites and books on how to perform Hajj but the information available on health and safety is not always comprehensive. Having gained lots of information on this issue I decided to create a realistic, first-hand info-graphic guide. This illustrates the different health and safety issues that you might encounter during the journey of Hajj and Umrah.








The Hajj health and safety guide has been devised by Hajj Safe in collaboration with doctors, pharmacists, Hajj and Umrah travel agencies and pilgrims who have been on this journey. It has been developed to provide a real insight into the whole experience.




This guide will take you from the moment that you decide to book that Hajj trip to the moment that you return home. Parts of the guide have been designed so that it can be used as a checklist to help you prepare for the journey.




It is important to stay healthy and safe during Hajj so that you can perform all the rituals and complete your Hajj as the whole experience is physically demanding. Staying safe and healthy also means that you will be able to perform the maximum amount of worship on your journey. Therefore it is important to have as much knowledge as possible and be aware of the risks and dangers that you may face.




Being in Makkah and Medina during the pilgrimage can be overwhelming and therefore the more information you have, then the more that you can physically and mentally prepare yourself to deal with health and safety issues if and when they arise.




To download your free copy of this guide, please visit http://www.hajjsafe.com/free-hajj-aid-guide/. Please feel free to share the guide with others who are visiting Hajj so that they too may prepare and benefit from the information provided.




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Having the right equipment and products for your journey is also important and Hajj Safe has designed a range of products with your peace of mind and ease of travel in mind. These products can be found on the Hajj Safe website on www.hajjsafe.com.




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Written By Fatiha Ali, an aspiring writer